Of practicality and stupidity.

I found things that are not practical, rubbish. Why must we spend our golden time doing things that are useless when you can have best moment instead?

I found muslimah swimwear is a bit daft. I like the idea of covering and stuffs at first, ALSO, I don’t mind spending a bit for the sake of your deen. But it has to come with some wisdom and practicality. That’s why extra 30 pounds should be worth 30 pounds. I can get nice glittery cute one from Primark if I want. But I didn’t. It has to be 100% lycra you see. Not good if you cheat you customers to do good deeds while you are cheating your own customers. WTF. I almost drown myself as if I’ve swum with rocks tied at my waist. Luckily there was no big wave. Oh. Thank you Allah. I’m alive.

5 thoughts on “Of practicality and stupidity.

  1. Then I’ll be saved by Derek and be given second chance to have a life. A better life. And Derek will do marriage proposal.

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