Tips untuk cikgu baru (pelatih)

Selamat hari guru buat semua guru dan guru pelatih. Terima kasih kerana memilih profession yang mencabar ini. Ada pelbagai niat di hati ketika memilih kerjaya mencabar ni. Kerjaya ini bukanlah semudah yang disangka. Dahulu memanglah mudah, tiada kekangan masa dan tenaga untuk menjadi seorang cikgu. Sekarang pelbagai tekanan dan cabaran yang perlu dihadapi demi mencurahkan ilmu kepada anak bangsa. Kepada guru praktikum atau guru pelatih, selamat mengambil manfaat dan mengamalkan tips yang diberi. Continue reading

Empat berdarah


Jihad itu sangat payah

Jihad itu amat susah

Kalau jihad kerana Allah

Jihad itu jadi indah

Di mata terbayang jannah

Di dada berasa sakinah


Nota kaki: Sesungguhnya jiwa ini luluh melihat kezaliman tentera Egypt merampas hak politik rakyat Mesir. Rampasan yang dilakukan oleh tentera adalah salah satu wayang untuk menutup dalang untuk menghancurkan misi suci untuk tertubuh secara demokrasi (pilihanraya). Kemenangan akan tiba untuk kebaikan. Insya Allah.


Ramadhan 1434

All these while I am the type yg suka procrastinate, this time around I must make full use of it. Ramadhan happens once a year. It passes so fast. Macam tahun lepas, I waslike, laa, dah nak raya?

Di kesempatan ini, I would like to ask for everyone’s forgiveness. Late entry. Empty promises. And so many mistakes I have done. Yes, I did sin a lot. But try not to let the sin overcome your good intention. Prof Muhaya kata, ada 2 benda yang merugikan. Satu, penyesalan masa lampau dan kedua, kerisauan masa depan. Kita dok risau pasal the past and future sampai tahap kita tak nampak present time yang indah dan perlu disyukuri.

Isnin lepas aku bagi speech kat perhimpunan sebagai guru bertugas mingguan. Of course la Bahasa Melayu aku tak la difahami dan berterabur tapi alhamdulillah, sebab aku cakap dari hati, ada la beberapa rakan dan anak murid kata ucapan aku menyentuh hati. Ya Allah yang memegang hati-hati hambaMu, terima kasih! Aku harap dengan menyentuh hati mereka dengan kebaikan, Allah takkan pesongkan jalan aku dari agama yang benar. Ya muqallibal qulub, thabbit qalbi ala dinik. Tulah doa yang kita perlu minta tiap kali solat. Yelah, kita ni bukan baik sangat. Ada kala kita kalah dengan nafsu dan godaan dunia. Sebab tu kena doa dengan Allah.

Kepada readers baru dan lama, terima kasih kerana follow blog Qalamun yang kerdil dan tak glamour ni. Mudahan apa yang bermanfaat, dapatlah dikongsi bersama. Terimalah gambar comel budak berdua ni, dengan ucapan, SELAMAT MENUNAIKAN IBADAH DI BULAN RAMADHAN. Marilah kejar ibadah yang dijanjikan ganjaran yang banyak di bulan Ramadhan.


Forgive me for my shortcomings. Segala yang baik datang dari Allah, yang buruk dari kelemahan saya sendiri. Wassalam.


Bitter divorce

After my discussion with Guru Besar regarding our pupils’ achievement and welfare, I had deep thought. It is true, there are many potential students from my school but they were destroyed halfway to success ladder because of their parents’ divorce. Then I asked permission to go back as it is Friday–major day of traffic jam in Johor Bahru. It was raining cats and dogs. I was shivering because of the cold rain and the air conditioner from my car. Then Adele’s song “Someone like you” soared in my car. Her voice that came from the sound recording of Royal Albert Hall just touched my heart. I suddenly broke down. Crying in the rain (but I was sheltered by my car, heh). Continue reading

Please, Alice.

When I watched Alice in The Wonderland, I feel there’s an invisible hand gave a hard slap on my face. Pang. Why? It had mad me realize that:

  1. I haven’t been doing creative writing for quite a long time. Even my latest one is a crap. C’mon. It doesn’t make sense and it doesn’t provoke any kind of thinking.
  2. I am actually able to make my own decision without being influenced by anyone and I am my own master. I am an easily influenced person. I am easily carried away by emotion and stress lately. I should be more like Alice. Start a journey that can make me find my ‘muchness’.
  3. I shouldn’t give in to anything that intimidate me. Like, my stress or my ***s.
  4. I haven’t make my dream come true yet. Too much hard work and less thinking had castrate my brain.  My dream of becoming a poet or a writer hasn’t been start. I haven’t started the journey. I am far from my dream.
  5. My thinking cap doesn’t work well lately.
  6. I dream less. It’s not a sin to be a dreamer and I used to be it. A dreamer will be able to rhyme, frolicking, dance with no one and talk to the mirror. Ops I forgot. Talking (or writing) nonsense is part of it too (like Lewis Caroll).

Since Tim Burton’s latest masterpiece was an eye-opener, I hope I’ll be more independent in making decision and braver.

Ps (self-note in case I forgot in the future): This is our second Tim Burton after Sweeney Todd.

Pink October

This month is about pink ribbon, pink blusher, pink external hard drive and more pink stuffs. Nah. It is about Breast Cancer Awareness month. October is the month where massive global campaign about breast cancer is being done in the whole wide world. The message is one: early detection saves lives.

Estee Lauder is the biggest campaigner and there are some major cosmetic brand follow Estee Lauder’s act like Bobbi Brown, Aramis, Clinique, Donna Karan Cosmetics, La Mer, Origins, Sean John Fragrances and Tommy Hilfiger Toileteries. (More on

In Malaysia, this noble act is supported by Breast Cancer Welfare Association (BCWA), Cancer Research Initiatives Foundation (CARIF), The National Cancer Society of Malaysia (MAKNA–who provides free and subsidised mammogram screenings) and College of Radiology Malaysia.

The make-up is brought to you by Estee Lauder.

Here’s what we can do to lead a healthy lifestyle and delay the cancer:

  1. Get screened–and consult your doctor how frequent you should have it done.
  2. Check yourself regularly (breast self-exam) and report any changes to your doctor.
  3. Eat more vegetables and and fruits. Their fiber, antioxidants and other nutrients can help.
  4. Work out. Yoga. Go to gym. Involve in sports. Do whatever you love (in my case, I love the muscle-churning Pilates).
  5. Watch the scale. Extra weight=extra risk.
  6. Do not ever think of smoking. Do quit.
  7. Drink less and live more.

Similar information can be retrieved from Estee Lauder and participating brands counters. They also provide pink ribbons, for free! Remember, live healthily and wear pink ribbon!

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Must-read books

These books were among of 75 book listed by Esquire ‘must read in your lifetime’.

I think I should grab this book. A good man is hard to find by Flannery O’Connor.


And this is another must-read-book. A man changed after he read a book (I think the reviewer refers to The Holy Quran). The book is entitled “The autobiography of Malcolm X” (or aka Malek El Shabbaz). The only auto biography in the list. Usually an autobiography is about amazing people who had done tremendous deeds. I bet this book is inspiring.


And I just don’t get it why good people who fight for people’s right like Malcolm X, and Mahatma Gandhi was assassinated. Why do assassins kill these kind of people? Don’t we want peace and the good in this world?

sizzling stonegrill restaurant

If you’re a person who always complaint how your steak is done (too raw/bloody/overcooked/burnt), this is the restaurant where you can’t do so because you are your own chef 😉

We were eating at sizzling stone grill and I was so happy because it was worth it. Economically and gastronomically. We need to queue for about 10 minutes before we can get our own table. Imagine how packed it was. But yeah, good food is worthwhile to be waited.

from te tree

the concept is easy. You were given your stone and you cook your meat according to your liking. The idea comes from New Zealand where the stone will be heated to 400 degrees and it uses ‘dry cooking’. So, no oil, less fat and healthy eating.

what we ate

Stonegrill dining enables patrons to enjoy a meal freshly grilled to personal taste, whether it be rare, medium or well done. When a Stonegrill meal is presented at the table, diners simply turn over their Stonegrill selection, then cut and side-lay a portion or two, allowing these to sear and cook to their liking. Their meal remains hot and enjoyable, as the natural volcanic stone retains a “prime” cooking temperature for 30 minutes, allowing diners to eat at leisure, with every bite as hot and delicious as the first.

The absence of oils or fats and the quick searing of the product at a specific temperature, ensures a delicious and healthier meal, which is lower in calories than traditional cooking methods.

nom nom 😛

So the concept is from New Zealand but the volcanic stone is from Australia. Isn’t it unique? It offers ostrich meal and being super hungry I was, I took menu that offers variety and quantity. So we chose mixed grill (chicken, lamb and sirloin), fried rice (I like it better actually, haha!), mango juice and fruit punch. Total to be paid is RM50.20. Not so bad I reckon. In addition, I like the ambience and it’s interior. They build a platform which looks like tree house platform and underneath is children’s play area. It maximise the space and creates natural effect. So leave the kids while you’re having dinner with your loved ones. Haha.

From the top tree platform.