Towards engagement

Memandangkan saya bermastautin agak jauh dari family, maka banyaklah risau di hati saya memikirkan bagaimana caranya untuk melakukan persiapan memandangkan banyak yang saya tak boleh lakukan dek jarak jauh ini. Saya yang baru nak belajar tentang kehidupan buat la homework sedikit sebanyak. Macam orang putih kata, “Sediakan payung sebelum hujan”.

Dalam ketika itu, dapatlah idea sikit-sikit macam mana nak buat persiapan.Kalau boleh, biarlah sederhana. I was thinking how much would you invite to an engagement party. Then I found this hadith.

“Rahsiakan pertunangan dan iklankan (maklumkan) tentang perkahwinan” (Hadith riwayat Ahmad dari Abdullah bin Zubair Radhiyallahu ‘anhu, dan disahihkan oleh al-Albani di dalam Irwa’ al-Ghalil)

The reason behind this is because, an engagement is like a trial period. I still remember Ustaz Hassan Din told in Al-Kulliyyah that “Orang kita sekarang lagi malu kalau putus tunang daripada bercerai-berai”. Rupanya, it’s ok kalau putus tunang. Divorce is worse than that. Bergegar tiang arasy. So in the time of engagement kalau tak menjadik, you can just break up the relationship and move along. I’d prefer putus tunang daripada bercerai once you dah beranak pinak. I was affected so much with my parents’ divorce. It’s not that easy, being a single parent and taking care of your children’s emotion at the same time. And choosing the right partner is not an easy task. You’ll never know he would change, like, in 10 years?

Before I end this post, this is the elaborate reason why we should not publicize an engagement.

Pertunangan adalah suatu komitmen yang belum pasti. Ia mungkin berakhir dengan perkahwinan, boleh juga tamat pada kesudahan yang tidak diharapkan. Namun ulama’ menjelaskan bahawa di antara hikmah Islam menggesa pertunangan itu tidak dihebah-hebahkan ialah kerana untuk menjaga nikmat ini daripada dirosakkan oleh hasad manusia yang bertindak tidak baik. Ia dijelaskan demikian di dalam Hashiah al-’Adawi ‘ala Sharh Mukhtasar Khalil. (credit to

Islam itu penuh hikmah dan nikmah. Jalan dah terang, dan ia terpulang kepada kita untuk memilihnya. Untuk kesenangan kita juga kan?


Berkatalah benar walaupun ianya pahit

I’m a newbie teacher part II

I was so stressed when I received loads of workload as a class teacher. I was so shocked and stressed. My class timetable was rejected twice. I spent about 10 hours doing my class’ timetable. I just wonder why he don’t want to buy the ready-made timetable. I just don’t have time do everything!

Then I got to fill in the register (buku kedatangan). Of course, as a newbie, I’m far from perfect and he can’t expect me to do perfect job. FYI, the register must be handwritten. Mistakes can’t be concealed by liquid paper. I did loads of mistake and I had to rewrite the kids’ name again and it consumes me about 5 hours. Starting from digging their information from the pink form (borang maklumat murid), and then writing it nicely (and I do it slowly because I have a bad handwriting due to too much of computer usage). And then tally it with the kids’ profile (I had to go down to GPK HEM’s room, and get the files from there, open it one by one).

Yesterday, it was Saturday. It was supposed to be Kokurikulum day (I know the fact that most of the schools around here are having their school replacement–due to the demand of having a week CNY’s holiday). But then, since there are so many unsettled job, he decided not to have koko this saturday and the teachers have to work their ass off to finish the jobs. *wipehead*. I had to do these in 2 days:

  1. labelling headcount’s book with the pupils’s name and class.
  2. filling in register book (tarikh lahir, umur pada 1 jan, pekerjaan bapa/penjaga, alamat, nomor tepon, surat beranak, etc).
  3. keying data for SMM (sistem maklumat murid)

Thus, yesterday, I had really bad migraine (which I don’t have for quite a long time) then I vomit. I felt much better after I vomited and I am so lucky because someone had taken a good care of me. And I love him to death.

OK, taa. Need to head back to work.

I’m a newbie teacher

I was not able to spend some minutes to catch new movie, shopping and surfing the internet ever since I arrived in that school. It’s been over a week since I have arrived in JB.Surprise surprise. At first I was informed that I got a school in Pasir Gudang (on Friday) but then on Monday, I was informed that I was sent to JB.I consider myself lucky and surprised. The Ketua Sektor has placed me in SK XYZ (I don’t even know him and I wonder why he did so. Korek² dari GPK rupanya sekolah mintak guru bahasa inggeris).

I went to the school on 30th December. 2 days earlier than I’m supposed to.My family can’t send me on the 1st. They’ll be dead tired if they rush to JB on the 30th or 31st.

Right,I don’t know what to call this. Either it’s a serendipity or merely fateful. The school is Omar’s client and he knows the GB personally. Oh, kak susu is in there as well. She’s my senior from marjon and ipba. She’s the Ketua Panitia there so I already have a guru. Ain’t I lucky?

Ok, let me tell you my first time at school. I met him my GB and I was scolded. I thought he was testing the mike and talking to someone else (because he was rushing here and there, talking to many people, trying to fix the PA system yada yada). He said I was rude because I did not stand when I was talking to him. I was dumbfucked and shocked. But the GPK explained that she haven’t explained “his rules” to me yet. So, he went away and continue doing his job.

The early bird catches the worm. I get to choose my seating place in the staff room. I get to know my colleagues earlier.I attended Zoom A course (which I found really really useful). I’ve made some impression in that way.The KPLIs came on the first January. They need to catch up with the school fast because the GB is GB cemerlang. So everything must work in order, as soon as possible. Since I already explored the school earlier, I’ve gained the confidence to join other teachers in that school.

Next: I’m a newbie Part 2: I was challenged by the Guru Besar when he had given me many posts. I get to become a class teacher and I was broke down, first time in the year of 2009.

SK XYZ: Name of the school is concealed for discretion. Don’t want the people who are googling for the school found this blog.