Hari guru 2013

Tahun ni la hari guru yang suram dalam hati kerana Fahmi is infected with chickenpox while irfan had trouble breathing at night. About 11pm I went to Columbia Asia Hospital Nusajaya and set an appointment with irfan’s paed. I was supposed to send two girls of volleyball to state level and with my condition, I cannot do much. my gpk koko was very understanding and send the girls instead. It’s quite tiring because I could not get sleep at night due to fahmi having itch all over his body and irfan had difficulty in breathing. I prefer the money goes to someone who deserves it rather than seeing my sons suffering.

Irfan had nebulizer and suction for about an hour. Then the doctor gave irfan’s first drug which was ventolin. Unpredictable weather and extreme weather made irfan has more phlegm.

I miss the fun of sukaneka and penyampaian hadiah.  Nevertheless.