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Movie that I’m addicted to

We believe in destiny because we met because of the destiny.

If you haven’t watch “Slumdog millionaire”, I highly recommend that movie for you. It was inspired by a novel (Q & A by Vikas Swarup), produced using low budget. The actors are using British accent (with some mixture of Indian accent as well) and they are not A-list actors and actresses, mind you. They are from slums and nobody. But the movie have become a phenomenon in any cinema worldwide. This movie is discussed widely, because of its’ religious issues, poverty, romanticism and all. This movie is worth to be watched many times and in case you want to buy the original DVD or Blue-ray disc. I give three thumbs up for this movie! Continue reading

it has gone

the days of late-night stay up due to assignments

the days of not worrying to pay for utilities bills

the class that does not require me to yell continously

the moments of ‘try and error’

the weekly shopping trip to malls

the karaoke session with buddies

the years of stress-free skin

the chatting with the girls

the coffee with her

the study year,

it has gone.

Pabila kita berkata “tak apa”

kita mengata orang tak apa
orang tak tutup kepala kita hina
kita buat tak apa
lengan kita separuh terbuka
baju jarang nampak dada

kita mengata orang tak apa
kelemahan orang dijaja jaja
padahal kita pun sama
ada banyak khilaf sebagai manusia biasa

kita mengata orang tak apa
perbuatan orang diumpat cela
lalu pun pandang sebelah mata
kita buat tak apa
mengata orang pun masuk neraka juga
buat apa kata mengata
bila kita pun sama saja

I got Johor! Yeay!

Haha. I just got the news from other people. Haven’t seen the result of my posting by myself yet. I can’t access the site apparently. Huhuh. And I am so happy to get Johor but unfortunately most of my babes got Sabah. Huu. If anything happens, my backup system is so far away lah kan. Oh!! Huu. Prolly I can give them a visit during school holiday.

So here are the pros and cons of my situation.


  1. If anything happens to me or my family, it is reachable by any land vehicle.
  2. Got a place near to my bf of course. Haha.
  3. Tazzy pun ada dkt sana. Anything that includes the business of managing Malaysian education system, I can ask the person who ate the salt way earlier. Ahaha.


  1. Tak dapat elaun wilayah. So harapan nak beli kereta canggih manggih adalah nipis sedikit, melainkan I got elaun gefren. Haha!! 😀
  2. Jauh dari backup system ku. Huu.
  3. Quite far from my hometown. Tapi jauh lg kalau daku dapat Sabah kan? Huu~

First and foremost, thank you god for everything that you gave to me. I am so grateful of this situation.

Gadis Melayu dan kesopanannya

Mengikuti Gadis Melayu di TV9 membuatkan saya terfikir “What makes a Gadis Melayu?” Semua finalis rancangan tersebut cantik-cantik belaka. Belum dicemari susuk dan kosmetik harapnya. Namun kecantikan bukanlah kayu ukuran untuk mencari Gadis Melayu yang ideal. Finalis rancangan tersebut diuji dari segi dandanan diri, pengetahuan mereka tentang adat dan resam Melayu, pembawakan diri dan pengetahuan dan cara menjawab soalan (yg sekali-sekala pedas). Tujuan rancangan ini bagus, bagi mengajar anak-anak gadis di luar sana, untuk kembali kepada keayuan dan kesopanan. TV9 menetapkan ciri-ciri berikut agar seseorang boleh dipilih untuk mengikuti rancangan Gadis Melayu:

1. Memelihara ciri-ciri, sifat-sifat dan adat resam yang dapat menyerlahkan kehalusan serta keistimewaan gadis Melayu
2. Mempertahankan jati diri dalam arus kemodenan.

Namun, di sini saya ada persoalan utama, sejauh manakah gadis-gadis Melayu ini menepati ciri-ciri Gadis Melayu yang ideal?

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MAC provides vibrant colours for makeup. I looked at their Halloween’s makeup and I was like, “wow! what a brilliant makeup effect! Looks like a makeup for a film!”. I see MAC’s passion in makeup, and beauty.

This time, MAC is launching holiday colour collection, all over Klang valley. Check out these pictures and links. Be prepared to be mesmerized with the variety of red colour, the symbol for braveness, sexy, pride and luxury. Uhh…femininity.

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Obama wins yeay!

Why do I support Barrack Obama?

  1. I always like dark, tall and handsome guy.
  2. He promises change and better healthcare.
  3. He has a fashionable wife.
  4. He used to live in Indonesia, and not a war prisoner. He’s not that tough like McCain and more human.
  5. He is a democrat. Yeay!
  6. He is the one who will change the world.

For the loved and lost

I dedicate this song to all. Enjoy.

[MP3 player at the end of this entry]

Bye Bye by Mariah Carey
This is for my peoples who just lost somebody
Your best friend, your baby, your man, or your lady
Put your hand way up high
We will never say bye (no, no, no)
Mamas, daddies, sisters, brothers, friends and cousins
This is for my peoples who lost their grandmothers
Lift your head to the sky ’cause we will never say bye Continue reading

It starts in me

When I enter the site, only one word I can use to describe my feeling when navigating the site, “beautiful”. The hot air balloons and successful females in Malaysia. It’s so beautiful.

It starts in me project is about pursuing dream. To pursue a dream, one would have to work hard for it. And to work hard, one needs to have a good healthy body. Which promotes Dutch Lady Shine yogurt drink!

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