Breast is the best


Even before labour (they call it labour because it’s a darn hard work), I already plan to breastfeed my baby exclusively till he is 6 months old. As we all know, Allah created breast milk with thousands of goodness.

As Fahmi came out to this world, I quickly breastfeed him with the tiny amount of colostrum. However, not much milk Fahmi had for a few days. Pity him, we were admitted to Seri Manjung Hospital because of jaundice, at special infant care ward. I have no idea as this was my first experience and he was sleepy along the way. His good behaviour is actually dangerous. He was supposed to drink a lot, so that the yellow chemical thingy will come out( I can’t remember what’s the name).

People say it’s good and bla3 but it’s a hard work actually. I have to restrict myself from certain food and consume a good diet. And, and, I can’t miss my meal. Especially milk. Euw! Nowadays I feel numb easily as I don’t consume much milk. Baby saps the calcium and I can feel the effect on my teeth.

Maintaining good breastfeeding routine requires support from the father. My husband has been my biggest cheerleader, giving me all the support, to make sure Fahmi gets all the nutrients he needs.

As a muslimah, nursing wear is my saviour whenever I want to breastfeed in public. I get nice ones from A good nursing wear should be comfortable. Myhafsah has it. Plus, the nursing wear are stylish and affordable. It’s worth every penny. The owner replies quickly and answer any question promptly.

Besides nursing wear, I need breast pads, breast pump, breast milk storage bottles and a nice place to do breastfeeding. Although people think it looks easy to choose breastfeeding, but many factors need to be considered, such as planning when to pump breast milk at the work place, what to eat so that mother can produce enough milk supply, doing loads of laundry as the breast milk is quite smelly, and many more.
Anyhow, it doesn’t kill my spirit to do breastfeeding. May Allah give me a longer period to breastfeed my babies. So, breast is the best! Get help from local breast milk support group or surf for more info.

Majlis funeral opah

Sedih rasanya tak dapat datang funeral opah. Sembang dengan mak di telefon, terkejut juga bila ramai yang datang tgk opah. Anak saudara, adik beradik tiri, kawan2 pejabat mak, cuaie, jiran2 semua dtg. Cucu dia 3 org x blk. (me, adik rap, omar). Mak pun dah pesan, jgn blk. Kome nk jaga anak lg. Kalo kome blk pun x sempat nye juge. Keme nk selesey awey. Dah le tu, Both of us got flu n x larat nk drive jauh. But hey, i still dtg sekolah lg smlm wpun bdn xlarat. Rezeki opah mah, ramai org ziarah n solat utk dia. Kawan2 cuaie dari MPM manjung pun ramai dtg. Mak kate “udoh biru warna romah kita”. Of coz i LOL at that.  Khemah pun warna biru. Pd mulanya telefon org khemah, xdpt. Kebetulan YDP MPM manjung dtg bertanya. Bila diberitahu x ade, terus telefon vice dia, kejap je sampai. Memang rezeki opah la. Mudah je urusan funeral dia. Yg mandikan opah were mak, aco n uda. Alhamdulillah anak2 snd yg mandikan. Tulah jasa terakhir anak perempuan. Tulah berkat bg didikan agama.
Mak cerita opah kebumi di manjung, dekat dengan hospital. Alhamdulillah sgt2 selesai urusan funeral dgn cepat. Itulah opah sy. Ramai org manjakan dia. Mcm tulah juga nnt pengakhiran kita akan baik semuanya kalau x dengki, bermusuh, insya allah husnul khotimah. Opah dah selamat level ni. Our turn xtau lg. Mari sama2 baca al fatihah sedekah utk opah mah. Al fatihah.

To my meemaw

You wouldn’t be able to scare me with silly and scary taboo anymore

Those pantangs are useful for me as a woman

I am going to miss your threats

I am going to miss your bedak sejuk smell

I am going to miss a person who contributed some personality to me

I am going to miss my meemaw badly

Although I am far from Manjung

Yet I will send my prayers for you

May your sould rest in peace.