Sami Yusuf in Wembley Arena

His voice is mesmerising. His lyrics are touching. His songs are breathtaking.

He is famous for ‘mother’ song. It is sung in Arabic, Turkish and English. View the video here.

First time I heard nasheed artist performing at Wembley arena. Cheapest ticket price? It is 15 pounds ladies and gentleman. Probably I can see his tiny dot from afar. T_T

Alongside, there are Outlandish (yeayy!!), A R Rahman, Kareem Salama, Hamza Robertson and The Sound of Reason.

When? This very 21st October.

More details about the concert can be found here.


So, who wants to transfer some quids to my piggy bank 😉

I tak terima duit raya or duit elaun from Facebook free gift application oke (baek hati sungguh ghie² kasik duit elaun virtual die kat aku, hahah).

4 thoughts on “Sami Yusuf in Wembley Arena

  1. tuan yasir, barangkali tak join kot. 21 ni ada eid party kat plymouth. tambahan pula tiket bas tak beli lagi. takpelah. insha allah ramai yg berebut nk menyumbang utk tabung darfur kt sini. caruk kat youtube je laa nampak gayanya.

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