Upcoming event in Plymouth

Assalamualaikum. Peace to be upon you. This Sunday, there will be a talk by Brother Abdul Raheem Green. He is a renowned speaker from London who gives talk at international level and based in Islamic Cultural Centre, London. He will give talks on community building in Islam. Free food guys. Snacks, lunch and refreshments will be provided insha allah. Well, what are you waiting for? For those who are looking for different way to spend their weekend, come to College of Further Education (CFE) at Devonport.


Life and death (and life after death)

Assalamualaikum (peace to be upon you). Sometimes I wonder, what are they (orang putih, non-muslims) thought of death? I do not have the answer as I haven’t ask them as well. I watched ‘A nightmare on the Elm street‘ (all of them) and ‘Grey’s Anatomy‘ (until season 3). Firstly, my opinion on the horror movie is, people are scared to die. Same as well to my favourite medic drama. They think that they have so much to do in this world. Not prepared to leave this world yet. That’s why the horror movie is a hot selling pancake. Continue reading

Jiwa kacau

Salam. Alhamdulillah, masih ada peluang bernafas dan menulis dalam ruangan blog kerdil ini. Jiwa kacau (interrupted soul). Siapa yang selalu ungkapkan perkataan ini? (I leave the question to the readers). Ni bukan blook Jiwa Kacau tu. (Ops, teringat projek blook saya. Encik Azhar, bila mau siap projek Jakun ni? saya mau balik Malaysia sudah…).

Selalunya bila ditimpa musibah, hati akan berasa tak tenteram. Kepala rasa berserabut. Rambut pun kusut. “Berserabai” kata orang Perak. Apa nak buat? Ada orang pergi shopping. Therapy katanya. Namun saya waktu dahulu, seusai shopping, akan rasa terkilan kerana membazir dan menghabiskan duit untuk benda yang tak membawa ketenangan pun. In the end, hati tak tenang dan masalah pun tak selesai. Shopping (some says retail) therapy itu hanya satu escapism saja. Itu bagi saya. Ada yang clubbing, mabuk-mabuk, menjerit kegirangan dan akhirnya muntah-muntah. Ada juga yang kehormatan mereka diragut saat mabuk-mabuk. Kena ragut. Kena ugut. Kena macam-macamlah. Itu namanya menambah masalah. Tenangkah? Entah. Never put myself into that shoes. Ada orang mahu berkongsi pengalaman?
Continue reading

Kenapa menulis blog?

Bismillah. Sila rujuk kepada entry MR cry4freedom. Walaupun literature review untuk dissertation saya masih belum selesai, namun, hati ini degil untuk menulis. Tak boleh tidur kalau tidak meluahkan isi minda saya di atas papan kekunci. Dulu, pernah menulis entry yang lebih kurang sama, namun itu semasa zaman jahiliyyah, zaman tak kenal diri sendiri. Kali ini, ingin menjawab dalam bahasa ibunda pula. Jadi, kenapa menulis blog? Continue reading

My sayang~

He always kissed me when I asked him to. Very bratty. Very fussy and posh. Oh, picky as well. He only eat north Atlantic prawns and Whiskas. He comes to me with his shining eyes and soft purr, asking for attention. But, I love him so much. A darling to everyone (except to those who are allergic to cat or animal). I think I’ll miss him when I go back to Malaysia. =( Beethoven Ford

A day at Totnes

Salam. I had a day trip to Totnes today.

Visited Berry Pomeroy Castle with other MARJON students. It was sunny and a perfect day for pollen to float in the air. Whee~~! And only Allah knows how I’m worried of sniffing flowers, stepping the grass and get near to any kind of plants!

I went out with Sarah, and FYI, she is suffering hayfever as well. What a coincidence, when the driver asked us to say “sneeze” instead of “cheese”, the next thing we heard was, she was really sneezing! Few times. And she was sneezing until we arrived in Plymouth. Poor her. O yeah, new product for hay fever sufferer. Sarah suggested me Happinose . I tried it. Smells nice and insha Allah it will decongest a stuffy nose.

Oh, talking about hayfever, last night, I breathed from my mouth. Can’t sleep well actually. My nose blocked and I thought I might get asthma, but Alhamdulillah, was OK. Managed to get up for Fajr still.

Well, I had a long day today, I hope I’ll get better by tomorrow and Sunday. Insha Allah. Will updates the pictures soon insha Allah. Need some sleep now. Have a pleasant weekend!