Proton-Muslim car

WARNING: I am not writing this to bash Proton, Muslims and their family. I am writing this because a reason, sensibility. No asked me to write and no one pay me to write, and I belong to no political organisation.

I discovered in BBC news of Proton’s ‘Muslim car’ on BBC, not in local Malaysian newspapers, last week. Then Azwan and I made fun of it. Imagining transformers and stuffs. No offence. We were just entertaining ourselves.



You can buy it from ebay for less than 20 pounds as well [click on pic].

I am not proud of Proton. Rarely I see Malaysian senior officers parade themselves in Proton. The Protons I saw here in Plymouth are nothing but a wreck running on wheels. Don’t get me started on the paintjob–it looked like it has been submerged in Clorox for days.

And then I discovered a car enthusiast’s forum website. What little pride I had for our Proton evaporated right there and then. The best comment I found is:

BY GREENVANMAN AT 11/11/07 07:46 PM

does it blow up occasionally?

Read the rest here.

Ainee: Thank you Proton. Now they have new idea for terrorist joke.

So tell me, this is not another white elephant project which will be self-destructed after some time, just like the RM4.5 millions Perak State Park Corporation administrative building.

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Selepas dibersihkan

Ampun tuanku. Sembah patik harap diampun.

Patik memohon agar tuanku mengusulkan memorandum tersebut, suara hati rakyat jelata. Segala luah rasa rakyat di bawah naungan tuanku, segala jerih payah rakyat menempuhi bala tentera FRU, sumpitan air dan gas pemedih mata itu segalanya dilakukan untuk jajahan takluk tuanku. Sekalian rakyat jelata mahu melindungi tanah naungan tuanku. Patik dan rakyat jelata sayangkan tanah ini dan mahukan ia menjadi peninggalan yang terbaik untuk anak cucu kelak. Agar anak cucu kami tidak menyalahkan kami kenapa tanah ini berhamburan dan kucar-kacir. Patik harap tuanku mendengar isi hati rakyat jelata. Ampun tuanku.

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PMS (bukan program MSM)

I believe there are many medical notes about it. So, google it. Read it for the sake of world’s peace. So, the things that can help to reduce the symptoms are as such:


  • Eating a balanced and nutritious diet (cannot, sehari ada 3 open houses)
  • Eating smaller and more frequent meals (cannot! open houses means lotsa food)
  • Reducing the consumption of sugar and salt (cannot!! malaysian food got lotsa that)
  • Cutting out alcohol and caffeine (I just bought caffeine lipstick and drink teh tarik power root, so cannot)
  • Taking regular exercise (cannot lah! no time)
  • Supplementing the diet with vitamin B6, calcium, magnesium and zinc (what’s that?)
  • Sleeping properly (lagi cannot!! dissertation means no proper sleep you know)

Then, how? Astaghfirullah. I don’t ask to be like this oke. It’s part and parcel of being a women. La taghdob. I know. But just can’t. Halp!!




Untuk maklumat mengenai PMS program MSM, sila lawat website ini.

Also, if it does not interest you enough, can read again my entry on it.