Best of PMS 2006

There are so many things that make me ponder while attending PMS 2006. I think it really opens my mind. Questions that always linger, answered during the talks. Subhanallah. What a miracle. Yet I am glad to be chosen to be chosen to go to his garden of heaven (in a hadith, knowledge event is considered as garden of heaven because Allah loves people who seek knowledge. Isn’t that wonderful?). Alhamdulillah.

I feel glad that I could spend some time blogging today. Today is one of the most significant celebration for muslim (people who embrace islam and totally submit himself to Allah). Prophet Abraham (Ibrahim) sacrificed his love for his son, as his love to Allah is much greater and Ishmael (Ismail) also sacrifices his life for the sake of Allah’s command. This story shows that Allah wants to test His messengers. More stories of it from quranic view, read here. Subhanallah (all the praises to Allah), imagine the sacrifice that we do today, compared to what we do today. I bet if someone asks us to sacrifise our house, to be given to other people, I bet we will protect it by hook or by crook, fighting over it with teeth and nails. Hmm, this reminds me of Palestinians, who lost their houses and lands to Israelis. Verily, those people who died to protect their faith, sacrifice because of Allah, will be granted heaven, insya Allah. May the souls of those people who died in the war will be blessed and granted rewards. I envy them. I really wish I could do something for my religion and go to heaven. Doing good deeds is not enough. I want to contribute to Islam, and want people to know the truth about Islam. As mentioned in alqasas; “It is true thou wilt not be able to guide every one whom thou lovest; but Allah guides those whom He will and He knows best those who receive guidance.”.Because there are people who have misconception about Islam and it is our (muslim) responsible to clarify about the Islam. In these days, people think Islam relates with terrorism, however, it is absolutely not true, as Islam means peace. Professor Dr. Kamal Helbawy mentioned in his talk on 25th December 2006, “Muhammad (p.b.u.h) says that Islam is not extremist, yet terrorist, and he wants us to take the moderate path”. Absolutely prophet Muhammad (pbuh) does not teach us to be terrorist as he himself is a loving, caring man, patience with all the obstacles given to him. Even though he encountered insults, threats, and many more tests, he still remains patience. In the end, his fight for Allah’s deen (religion), Islam has been spread to 2 over 3 part of world map and Islam had experience the most glory time of civilisation. That time, he was no longer alive, but because of Islam teachings, Muslims glorified with numbers of academicians and discovery of knowledge.

With Islam, every single human get benefit, including non-Muslims, as Islam is a religion which means to bring peace to all over the world [rahmatan lilalamin]. In present time, he is still be remembered and loved. According to orientalist view, he is in the first place of the most influential people in the century, as listed by Michael Hart in his book.

I haven’t blog for quite a long time. Insya Allah (with Alla’s will) I will write about my itinerary soon. According to plan, we want to go to Portsmouth tomorrow, then the day after tomorrow, to Stansted London then to Ireland. Insya Allah. Pray for our safety.

Blogging escapism

Peace to be upon you all (assalamualaikum). Haven’t write for quite a long time. Alhamdulillah, we arrived in Southampton, safely, within estimated time.

Had a good time in Coventry Winter Retreat. Although Coventry Muslim Centre is not as lavish and comfortable as other places, but it leaves an unforgettable memory. On the last night of the programme, I shed tears, departing with friends whom I just know for few days, but feels like knowing them for quite a long time. I really feel the sweetness of ukhwah fillah. Meeting and seperating in the name of Allah. It was really really sweet, something that you rarely get in your life. Imagine, you chatted, met for few hours, in days, then suddenly you become friends for life, even afterlife. How’s that? Masya Allah. I hope Allah choose me again to be in his heaven garden (meaning knowledge event).

Tomorrow I’m going to send my kakaks at Heathrow airport terminal 3. I hope we’ll make it in time insya Allah. Dear Allah, please make me strong. Ganbaremasu.

PS: Kak Ezi wants to promote Harun Yahya’s CD; entitled ‘Signs of The Creator’, price 14 GBP or 25 euro. Her email is: [email protected].
More details and his other CDs, can be bought straight from his website

Winter trip 2006 (UK South West)

Didn’t managed to get from London, so we join from MARJON and will continue till Coventry. Today, went to Land’s end. Bloody cold. Even the most popular sign post (land’s ends trade mark it has become) was unavailable for today, since extreme weather. But the sunset was really nice. The ships look like suspend in between the cloud and the sea. Subhanallah. and it’s Christopher Columbus’ voyage which proves that the world is not flat.

Moral of the day: wear socks and don’t be so stubborn yah ainee.

Tomorrow, will be leaving MARJON in the morning, moving to Bath, then Bristol. On Friday morning insya Allah will continue the journey to Cardiff, then straight to Coventry, for the biggest event for Malaysian Muslim in UK. Heheh. Can’t wait for it. Kak eQin says “best~~”.

So, will write entry if I have time, and opportunity. Insya Allah.

Read here for more details on Winter Retreat 2006.
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Tonight I helped akak kemas her stuffs which will …

Tonight I helped akak kemas her stuffs which will be shipped to Malaysia. Whew, now i believe her utmost quotation:

Do not touch. Messiness is a sign of genius. Tidying up could impact negatively on my mental development.

So, I learned that if you want to move out, make sure there are enough bin bags, so that you won’t run out of any while you’re trying to get of the unwanted stuffs. I don’t know. I can’t think too. Haih. Glad for the good news akak. I’m going to miss your presence too. All you have to do now is prepare mentally for the worse and worst of IPBA. Jetlag, everything-is-broken hostel and _____________ (can’t think the appropiate adjective) IPBA’s HEP (Student affair department). OK. OK. 2 am now actually. Time to go to sleep. Selamat berkemas ek akak. Sorry can’t help you to the end.

Guess what, it really gave a negative impact on my mind. Huhuh. Need to write about my itenerary actually.

a totally deep pure reflection

Hi all~! Watching reality TV makes me reflect myself. Honestly, like ANTM show, some people want to change you to the person you don’t want, unless you’re comfortable with the change. Some people just totally don’t like who you are, and ignore you at any time. Some people just love you the way you are, no matter what you wear, or what is your personality. Worse, some people just want to maipulate you, so that they can step over you, in order to be higher. That’s real life people. Unluckily, in my culture, people speak with under’lying’ meaningSS and sometimes you don’t have a clue whether they are just being polite or cynnical. Honestly, I myself take whatever people say straight from the point and I don’t know how to decipher those underlying meanings beneath. Gosh. Actually I don’t have to figure it out innit? *sigh* time to pack!

A written entry

This is a pdf file (download by clicking the entry title). You need to have Adobe Reader in order to read it. It’s about how Ainee can survive without electricity, when Marjon had power cut for the first time. Everything was down including emergency call. Even the security doesn’t have any clue. And now Ainee regrets of not hijacking Marjon’s ATM machine. If she does, she’ll be damn rich yet happy. Heheh.

*Thanks to Adam. he taught me bout the labels.


o christmas season

Hi all! I know I should do my assignment right now. But I just can’t. Very much in christmas mood right now. Hohoho!! Just coming back from our small but wicked christmas party for collective voices. Got some mince pies to bring home too! LOL. Anyways, I got 4 christmas card already! =P

Oyeah, and one from Margaret, for all house 20 girls. So, can I count that to five? Thee hee.

Everything bad will come to an end. Hahah. Hope that I’ll have good time soon.

K lah people. Miss this blog actually. Going to write soon. Keep your fingers crossed! O yeah, visit pr3tthych3rry’s blog, to bid her farewell. She’s going home soon.


here’s a nice guy singing a nice song 😉

OK! Need to do my assignment now!! T_T

Vote for Leona Lewis

She’s the perfect choice for X factor. I can’t find bad thing about her.

– She has the vocal quality, perhaps the next Mariah Carey.
-She’s awesomely beautiful physically, and have a beautiful heart.
-She turns the song to her own version, 

Even judges said:

Sharon: ‘Leona is very special, very, very special.’

Simon: ‘She has consistently, for me, been the best vocalist across the live shows.’

‘It is very easy for everyone just to assume, after seeing her over the last few weeks, that her place in the Final was a certainty, but it hasn’t because she hasn’t had the confidence.”

Louis: ‘If Leona has one weakness it is that she doesn’t realise just how good she is.’

Simon: ‘Leona wants to win this competition and now the winning post is in sight.

‘This is the week when she has to give a performance of a lifetime.’

OK people. I have faith in her. She’s going to make it bigger than Journey South.
All the best Leona. Please, win this year’s. 

If you want to vote for her, 3 ways you can do it:

1) Call: 0901 61 61 101
2) Text: Vote Leona to 83322
3) Sky Interactive: If you have Sky you can vote for Leona by pressing the Red Button on your remote.

Leona’s Myspace
Leona Lewis[dot]net

Komen Ainee tentang filem 007 terbaru.

Apa yang best:
Action letup2 yang pergh terangkat.
Mamat jahat yg lg kacak dr heronyer.
Awek Bond baru wpon x cun sgt tp OK la…
Bond romantik (jiwang) nak mampos (now dia tak playboy sgt, heheh).

Tak best:
James Bond tak best lagi tak kacak cam yg dolu2. Senang kata, takde karisma.
James Bond die, kepala kecik, badan hunk nk mampos. Tak balance OK?
Ramai orang cakap movie nie tak best.

“This a Bond with great body but no soul.” Time, Richard Corliss.

So, aku rasa kalau pergi tengok kat wayang bazir masa dan duit jah.

Oh, Pierce Brosnan. I miss you so much!!

note to myself *oii ainee, g bace buku lah! isnin ni ko nk exam!*