A newbie teacher

Almost a year, I have been working as a teacher in the heart of Johor. I’ve been sent to the most busy school (IMHO). My Guru Besar is GB cemerlang and always push us to do work beyond ordinary expectation.

In the first half game (first sem), I was literally and figuratively wilted. I thought of quitting. Seeing others are making moolah from private unis and schools. I was tempted. Since  I did nothing impressive in my first half game. Just mistakes and a lot of yellow cards. I wanted to quit so much. But my fiance told me to “Hold on. Be strong. There are many jobless people out there who are willing to fight tooth and nail to be in your place. Plus, you always wanted to be a teacher, right?”

True indeed. My friend Tasneem said “The first year is always the hardest but you’ll get used to it sooner or later”

Thank god I managed to destress with help from the angels around me.

So here are the tricks that I learnt to handle admin and teaching work:

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Online invitation

Salam and hello all. I have sent a few cards to the people who had sent me their addresses. Some addresses that I got late, will be posted around next week. I have sent some invitation on facebook as well, tapi in the end, my jari was so penat. Moreover my short trip to perak is because I want to meet Pakya (the Muslim’s marriage wedding registrar in my place). Hence, I decided to post it online.

Dearest lovely people that have walked into my life, I would like to share the most awaited moment in my life. I would like to invite you to my wedding, via this website:


To end this entry, I would like to insert a beautiful quotation from the noble Quran.

“ Dan diantara tanda-tanda(kebesaran)Nya ilah Dia menciptakan pasangan-pasangan untukmu dari jenismu sendiri,agar kamu cenderung dan berasa temteram kepadanya.Dan menjadikan diantaramu rasa kasih dan sayang”. (QS anRuum:21)

More to be read at: iLuvIslam.com

Mudahan Allah memudahkan urusan pernikahan kami. Amin.