Online boutique 101

I am glad there are many online boutique nowadays.  I miss the time (in Plymouth) when I was able to buy apparels from high street fashion boutique like Dorothy Perkins, eBay and Topshop.

When I Google for Malaysia’s high street online fashion boutique, the result was nil. However, there are many personal online boutique in Malaysia. Hundreds of them. (Thousand I bet if it includes the blogs that sell accessories like handbags and jeweleries). There are too many! I don’t know how to choose!  Then I found Emmagem Shopping Directory, the place that shares links of online boutiques. It is the site for Malaysian fashionistas.

I have a very essential question. What are the factors that made us feel safer (and happier) doing online shopping? Hopefully, this blog post will help the buyers decide better, and the sellers sell more. Quid pro quo! Continue reading