Of cake and drive

What is the reason you wake up everyday? Drives lets you sail the life. Sometimes you don’t even realise that it gets you going naturally. So the famous quotation “That’s why I let the fate takes me wherever it wants to go”.

Yesterday, unbelievably, I baked a cake. Devil’s food cake it is called. Laugh hard if you want to but it’s tempting once you saw it. Oh, it drives me good, after loose 22 years of baking instant mixtures. I can be jealous of Farah’s talent, bragging her delicious juicy chocolate strawberry cake (or is it strawberry chocolate cake? idk). I can be jealous of Nisa for entering cake competition and knowing the right weigh and right method of baking. I can be jealous of Alin who memorise the whole cake bible. But I don’t. After 22 years, I baked a cake from scratch although I failed miserably, but I’m proud.

The story? He posted an entry about it, and I’m tempted to test it out. Devilishly attempting. It drives me to wait for half an hour for the bus. It drives me to allow myself to make ‘hair-wired’ decision of choosing the ingredients. It drives me to stay for long hour in the kitchen and mess myself with the chocolates. It drives me to be frustrated but keeps me going on at the same time. I just get going and it drives me to a never ending journey. But it doesn’t drive me to post a picture of Ainee’s devil’s food cake in Qalamun. I am not tempted enough.


Devil’s food cake recipe 

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