Kurang lojika

Saya tahu badan saya sangat penat. Otak saya lagi la penat. Tapi semangat kena kuat. Walaupun ada je orang nak pull me down.

Badan sudah sakit-sakit. Memang saya sangat amazing. Dua orang teman serumah sudah dapat flu. Selalunya saya yang kena dulu. Tapi kali ni alhamdulillah. Berjaya tidak mendapat flu itu hingga ke huruf terakhir dissertation. Sakit badan itu pasti. Sengal belakang tu sampai tahap buat-buat tak tahu. mata tiba-tiba bloodshot, berjaya dikurangkan semasa girls day out. Right. It proves that shopping is theraphy and heals one’s sickness.

So, the battle goes on. How to save a life? I just move along and few people who cares and keep on asking about me, makes me go on. Unbelievably, miracle happened. Even I myself was quite proud, because I did not make any sense previously. I was doing mixing and matching. I was so blur and disorganised. I was a wreck. But thanks. He showed me guidance and send helpers. If I deserve it, I do.



So I went to Roborugh surgery. Went to see nurse Margo again. Doctor Brodribb is quite busy I reckon. Or he just does not want to see me? His hand was full? So yeah. The rain was pouring heavily from dark sky above. I was cold and alone.

I told Margo, I thought I got myself tonsil. I barely can speak. Swallowing my own saliva is like eating rocks. Oke. Rocks are exaggerated. Pebbles. Kalau menguap, rasa macam ada tumor je kat dalam tekak. And then my hand, is like Doraemon’s this morning. Don’t tell me how to clasp. Luckily I don’t handle knife or blades. Basically, my hand is chubby. Happened before but ignored and allow self-healing. Whatever.

Diagnosis: My throat was a bit pink. My body temperature was slightly high but not worrying. My ears are OK. My gland is OK. My lips are fuller (Imagine Angelina Jolie people). My hand is chubby, but cute. I can’t believe this as well but Margo said, my hand is swollen because I type too much. Huh. Geek la sangat. Yes. I got response like “Astaghfirullah “. Huu~~ my broken back needs to get laid (check the dictionary. there are 66 definitions for ‘lay/laid’) Thankyouverymuch. Aite. time to get rest.


Tampo nak?

I wonder why you read this entry to the end. This is a rant. Hahah.

Esok-esok lah jawab tag cik Tinker. Penat beno.

QDB.us: Quotation

aring: http://stardust_quotations
aring: nnt carik
ainee: caruklah
aring: pegi baca quotes tu
ainee: tanak ah
ainee: i nk baca scott & yteberg
ainee: i nk bc quotation from Dewsbury, Moon J.
aring: alhamdulillah
ainee: ah diam!
ainee: hahah
aring: eh emo pulak
aring: brewster ellis and girard pn jgn dilupakan
aring: halliwell
ainee: ye. manusia itu emosi

Uh oh. A QDB about quotation. Coolness. Lantak ko la Alin ngan those movie quotations. I’m still stuck with Twinkle the little star (my dissy is about nursery rhymes remember?). Adeh. Ganbate Ainee!!

Don’t forget to read Alin’s piece as well. Malas nk cross entry. Sepah lak nanti. Hikhik.

PS: All the orang putih names mentioned are renowned authors in TEYL (teaching english to young learners). Their quotations are widely used in our assignments.

Kenapa menulis blog?

Bismillah. Sila rujuk kepada entry MR cry4freedom. Walaupun literature review untuk dissertation saya masih belum selesai, namun, hati ini degil untuk menulis. Tak boleh tidur kalau tidak meluahkan isi minda saya di atas papan kekunci. Dulu, pernah menulis entry yang lebih kurang sama, namun itu semasa zaman jahiliyyah, zaman tak kenal diri sendiri. Kali ini, ingin menjawab dalam bahasa ibunda pula. Jadi, kenapa menulis blog? Continue reading

Sibuk dan mencari inspirasi

Ok. Third year, busy year. But I need to seize it because the time wasted won’t be replace with the same one. Betul tak? Finally my Thursday is free without any activity. Yea~! Kalau tak, lepas kelas Mike, kena gegas pergi ke Barbican. Dah la pening kepala, nak buat benda kreatif2 yang memerlukan my mind to rest and be inspired.

Whew. Thursday yang bahagia. *grin*

So basically I need inspiration to my assignment. Comparative Education. I need to compare education system of British and Malaysia. Anyone have any resources do send it to my email. I would really appreciate it. I only have 2 weeks left, and I my days are always filled with activities. Even if I have free time, I would be too tired to write. Then I will watch movies and catch up things that I miss. Then, bila masa kerja nak siap? Whew.

Today in Michael’s class we planned our schedule to do Comparative Education assignment. Heheh, manja tak kitaorang? Then in Mike’s class buat clay animation dan basically takde la dia expect our product secanggih Wallace and Gromit, it’s just that we need to know how’s the process and how to edit it later. Oh, inspirasi memang amat diperlukan di kala ini. And usually inspiration come when I meet ‘Him’. And semua Dia yang bagi, so takleh nak claim credit sorang diri. If so, say “All praise to Allah, the one who gave me all these”. Huhuh. Peringatan buat diri sendiri juga. Ok, if anyone wants to inspire me to do dissertation on ‘Nursery Rhymes’, please do so. I would appreciate it very much.

Read this, that’ll inspire you to practise to read to your children