SEED cafe Midvalley

If you are looking for cheap, delicious and comfortable ambience for makan place and near to your favourite apparel store, you should read this.

I couldn’t think of better words to describe the cafe, thus, I quote the site.

Seed Café, is chic personified. It exudes a cool aura and this is its main selling point. The restaurants concept adapts a contemporary and simple outlook. The design and decoration gels in with Seed’s youthful and trendy image. It’s simple and tempting, serving a mix of Asian and Western food. (taken from Seed Cafe site)

There was not many people (there were 2 or 3 people that time, around 7pm) so we got our meal pretty quick (in 10 minutes I reckon). I didn’t even managed to finish reading magazines which are conveniently placed near customers’ dining table.

SEED cafe is a perfect place for fashionistas to hang out. After you had done your shopping, fill your stomach with good food from SEED cafe. The food is absolutely delicious and addictive (now I sound like chefs from UK. haha). Even Nisa had craving of SEED cafe’s chicken chop when she was in Perak.

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Cupcakes fad

Omark said cupcake is a fad, but I believe good one will last long. People are opting for cupcakes because they are easily edible, because it comes in smaller size. It is different from cakes. They can heavily decorated, and it’s just so cute. The one that I got from Omark required me to eat messily.


But the one that I got from Shaz, makes me feel like having cupcakes for wedding. Even my friend told me the cupcakes look so wedding-y. I really like them. It’s not greasy, the chocolate is heaven. Nice texture and taste. Thanks to Izyan for suggesting it in her blog.

Holiday ends so soon

Time flies. I haven’t done my weekly reflection. I’m so good at killing time. I spent my holiday mostly snuggling in bed. Was rainy in Manjung since Tuesday, and it has been an indescribable pleasure to sleep ever since. I got back my beauty sleep. Yeay! No more staying up late till 2-3 am in the morning, because of writing lesson plans and preparing teaching materials. I don’t depend on caffeine. I am rejuvenating. No more eye bags. No more wrinkle and stress. More beauty sleep. Hikhik.

So yeah, I’m missing my bed. Comfy flowery cool cotton bedspread. Huu. It’s ending soon. I have to pull my socks up and snap back to reality. Ouh. Reality is harsh.

Tomorrow is school. I wonder if the kids remember the homework that I gave to them.

PS: I am currently listening to Madonna’s “Holiday”. Huu T_T

Fashionable geek

So, having a blog which makes a geek (read: boyfriend) cringed upon loading, will lead to endless argument. So, I’ve read Adam’s entry, which suggest SEO analysis site, and I thought of giving it a try.

I typed and in less than 1 minutes, it reports my blog statistics. *holds chair for support*

It’s a very detailed report, mind you. Long detailed report but quick. Faster than your blood test result. It also gives recommendations on how to improve your blog. This is a quick, compulsory test I would say for fashionista’s blog because most of fashion blog have enormous size of images. Of course, we like to post pictures yada yada but still, we want to give pleasure to our readers. Having a blog which uploaded slowly like a sloth is sooo not fashionable.

So these are reports for most clicked fashion blog.



Perez Hilton

The Budget Fashionista

Jane Shilton is a genius

These pieces would go best if I wear them to school. Does anyone know where can I get these?

The everyday leather bag costs 69.99 pounds while the highland bag cost is from 29.99. But let me assure you, that leather bag is a lifetime keepsake. Your grandchildren will thank you for keeping it nicely (and buying it of course!) for this heritage.

Mamma Mia! The Movie

It’s coming worldwide. The famous musical is finally being filmed and Pierce Brosnan is in! How cool is that? I don’t care if he can’t sing but I know the fact that he can act. I miss his appearance on the screen and I’m glad he’ll be in Mamma Mia!. More good news (hold your chair ladies and gentlemen) Nuffnang is giving FREE TICKETS for lucky Nuffnangers!

I should sing: Pierce Brosnan, how can I resist you?

Since I used to be in Plymouth, I know the fact that musical or theater is being showed in Plymouth first rather than London (because Plymouth’s audience is hard to be pleased). And Mamma Mia has travelled wide and far ever since. So, Mamma Mia! musical have been going around and still received great applause. Not it has moved to a greater step, Hollywood.

Uhhh, I can’t wait to hear their British accent (well except, Meryl Streep).

If it gives the same impact like musical, people will be singing and humming, although the movie ended. If you’re lucky, some might be dancing merrily. So, who’s going to put on retro fashion back?

Tips for those who are wearing hijab

Disclaimer: I was doing some housekeeping and found my old magazine. I haven’t post about fashion for a long time. Thus, I’m giving a try to post fashion tips for Muslimah. I am combining Polyvore and WordPress and some of my personal tips. Whalla! (Translated from 3rd edition, September).

It is important to have some knowledge of fashion, even though you are wearing hijab. Hey, wearing hijab doesn’t mean that you can’t be fashionable. So I am sharing some tips for girls out there, to appear with confidence, graceful and moderate as a Muslimah should be.

1- Try to avoid bright and white colour. This will add more volume to your body. Try dark colours like dark blue, black and dark green. Do not have too much colour at one time. This will make you look like a ‘rainbow’, which at the same time, will attract many people.

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