British Fashion Awards, Stylista, and MORE!

Yesterday at 08:12
The most stylish people from London (and around the globe!) came out last night for the British Fashion Awards. Read our live blogging to see how the drama unfolded, or the entire recap here:

On Stylista, Kate’s intentions and fashion sense can be misunderstood. Read her take on what really went on behind the scenes, and don’t forget to catch a new episode tonight at 9/8 central on the CW:

Happy Thanksgiving!

Gadis Melayu dan kesopanannya

Mengikuti Gadis Melayu di TV9 membuatkan saya terfikir “What makes a Gadis Melayu?” Semua finalis rancangan tersebut cantik-cantik belaka. Belum dicemari susuk dan kosmetik harapnya. Namun kecantikan bukanlah kayu ukuran untuk mencari Gadis Melayu yang ideal. Finalis rancangan tersebut diuji dari segi dandanan diri, pengetahuan mereka tentang adat dan resam Melayu, pembawakan diri dan pengetahuan dan cara menjawab soalan (yg sekali-sekala pedas). Tujuan rancangan ini bagus, bagi mengajar anak-anak gadis di luar sana, untuk kembali kepada keayuan dan kesopanan. TV9 menetapkan ciri-ciri berikut agar seseorang boleh dipilih untuk mengikuti rancangan Gadis Melayu:

1. Memelihara ciri-ciri, sifat-sifat dan adat resam yang dapat menyerlahkan kehalusan serta keistimewaan gadis Melayu
2. Mempertahankan jati diri dalam arus kemodenan.

Namun, di sini saya ada persoalan utama, sejauh manakah gadis-gadis Melayu ini menepati ciri-ciri Gadis Melayu yang ideal?

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B.Ed TESL finally~

My friends find it weird. I did not get the first class degree but I am in ultimate happiness. I don’t know where it comes from. But I would like to express my gratitude to god for enabling me to get through thick and thin of my study years. Alhamdulillah.

I have finished my study officially alhamdulillah. Couldn’t wait for my graduation day. And I’ve celebrated it with my friends at Tupai Tupai in Jalan Bellamy, KL.

Pikshures: Click here.

Clinique Superdefense – Age defense moisturizer

What stresses me?

Workload, boring lectures, unhealthy skin, wrinkles, lack of sleep, internet disconnection, people who have issue with my weight, noisy school children, insufficient happy hormone supplement.

How do I deal with stress?

Shopping, food binging, television shows that are funny, outing with girlfriends, movie marathon, singing out loud, drawing, blogging, talk for hours on the phone.

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MAC provides vibrant colours for makeup. I looked at their Halloween’s makeup and I was like, “wow! what a brilliant makeup effect! Looks like a makeup for a film!”. I see MAC’s passion in makeup, and beauty.

This time, MAC is launching holiday colour collection, all over Klang valley. Check out these pictures and links. Be prepared to be mesmerized with the variety of red colour, the symbol for braveness, sexy, pride and luxury. Uhh…femininity.

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Back to civilisation

Background information: I went to XXX in Kelantan and I think it’s not a good XXX course compared to the previous one that I had in Melaka. Lacks in many aspects. Finally, I’ve rejoined the world and human civilisation. After long hours of travelling, I feel so good to be back in KL. Oh, it’s so nice.

  1. It’s nice to eat good decent food. Real food.
  2. It’s nice to be in my comfortable bed. NO mosquitoes and scary insects or centipedes.
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