My own Monalisa II

Peace to be upon you. For readers who had follow this blog from the beginning, you probably (or not), remember, my entry on Monalisa painting. I used MS paint and today, I found a brilliant artwork of Monalisa, also done using MS paint, but way better than my masterpiece. Done by eclecticasylum.

The one that I did last time
Done by eclecticasylum

PS: I took two days to finish, incomplete and absolutely does not have much similarity with original painting, yet, he, just took two hours and half? (shaking head unbelievably

Now I do ku tahu

This lyrics reflects my feelings. Plus, the song is nice too. Erk, OK. I admit. Yeah, I actually like Waheeda’s style. =P

Once I was lost in the dark
Blind to the lights
Wandering alone in plight…
Each step brought nowhere to sight
My heavy heart
Wanting to impart….

Darkness is questions that hide in my mind
Would I be able to find
Happiness sought or do I stay behind

I never knew how far I could go
But Now I do…

Disuatu masa dulu
Senyum tawa
Dicabuli duka…
Langkah menjadi rangkak
Rantai menggari
Gerak nadi…

Melutut ku menadah rayuan
Musykil ku tiada kekuatan
dalam ronta dihulurNya Tangan
tiada pasti tetapi kini
Ku tahu….

Once all my tears killed my smiles
Wiped them away
Through my heart cried stay…
Each day each pace of my life
Slowed down as though I’m
Chattel in chains….

Down on my knees with my head to the sky
Searching for answers to “why”?
Hands held up high
Then He helped me to rise…

I never knew how strong I could be
But now I do…

Life’s a promising gain
Weakness into strength
Twice stronger towards pain…

Hakikat duniawi
Keberanian menggapai mimpi…
I have learnt that life…

Di suatu masa dulu
Gelap hambar sendu
Berat dada menahan
“Ke mana tujuan?”

Langkah kakiku tanda tanya
Dapatkah ku bersama
Bahagia atau keciciran..

Tiada pasti tetapi kini
Ku tahu….

Then I look back at my life
When choosing a lane

Was not without struggling to be sane…

The light that was blinding to me
Guided me through
The plight, the chains of time

Dan ku imbas kembali
Kewarasan diri….
Cahaya yang mengaburkan
Kini menemani
Rangkak yang berlari….

Peluang menulis dan masa

Peace to be upon you. Lately, I received invitations to write, either on blog or for paper publication. Three invitations in one week. That sounds awesome innit? But hey, do I manage to do all that in one go? One asked me to explain about my religion, another is on my college, and the last is of racism in the UK. Whew. Does 3K words assignment is not enough?

Quite weird because before this, my writing in IPBA is not that brilliant. Well, people don’t notice me. My writing is invisible. I am the one who needs language support tutorial class with Dr. Asiah. In IPBA, there are plenty who write better than I do. Plus, their English is better than English people’s English (repetition is unintended). Well you tell me, is my writing that brilliant? So I’ll have confidence to be the next Shirley Geok Lim (?).

Oh iya, kawan-kawan saya juga telah menge’tag’ saya. Setakat ini 3 orang. Tahniah! Hutang mereka pun masih belum dilunas. Oh, saya mahu MacBook!

My assignment progress: headache. I don’t think they want to do reformation on Malaysian Education System after reading my piece. I bet!

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Career and curriculum

Salam. Peace. Hope all of you doing fine. I wish the same thing as well. I’m stuck between my ideas and opinion. I really want to state the fact, but being Malaysia, always being tied to protocols and procedures and legal laws. So, my question is, is it better for me to state the truth or telling them fantasy (or fiction) of Malaysian education system? Great. I only have 48 hours left. SOS!

Comparing Education System

I love ‘comparative education’ module. The module is awesomely inspiring and yet makes me feel intimidated because of my own Malaysian education system. Why? Me, feel inadequate, of Malaysian education system? Honestly, after comparing and learning about other country’s education system, Malaysian education is too idealistic. Far from achievable target. They are running for things that they can’t catch.

There’s a Malay proverb which goes “Yang dikejar tak dapat, yang dikendong berciciran”. It means, you can’t get things that you chase, and you are losing things that you carry. Example, we are trying to make younger Malaysian competitive in scientific field, by making them learning Mathematic, Science and Technology subject, in English. That’s not a bad idea though but please, be realistic. There are many whose English proficiency level is below average. Plus, about 2 over 3 primary schools in Malaysia that do not get basic facilities (basic facilities = electricity, phone lines, and clean water). But why on earth we neglect these schools?

An excerpt from DSAI’s article:

Meskipun kerajaan telah merwarwarkan Sekolah Bestari selama lebih sedekad, Pelan Induk Pembangunan Pendidikan telah mendedahkan bahawa hampir 20% daripada sekolah-sekolah rendah kita tidak mempunyai bekalan air bersih; hampir 35% tiada makmal komputer; lebih dari satu perlima tiada makmal sains dan satu persepuluh tidak mempunyai bekalan elektrik sempurna. Secara keseluruhannya, lebih dua pertiga sekolah rendah tidak mempunyai kemudahan yang lengkap. Ini merupakan tambahan kepada pendedahan YB Dr. Wan Azizah Wan Ismail di dalam suratnya kepada Menteri Pelajaran bertarikh 13 Disember 2006 bahawa peratusan perbelanjaan pendidikan kita ketinggalan berbanding Senegal, Malawi dan Kenya di samping kita tergolong di kalangan 24 negara termasuk Palestin dan Maldive yang menghadapi kemerosotan enrolmen sekolah rendah antara 1999 hingga 2004.

Imagine, that God make you born in rural area and experience difficulties in getting necessities. Just imagine. Imagine their fate is yours. So, how on earth you want them to learn science, math and english, plus technology? Even necessities is far from their imagination. I would say, the money should go to these people, because they have rights to get decent education.

We want to develop Malaysia, but we don’t develop the people. So who are going to continue the legacy later? So before we develop the country, develop the human resource first, make them love Malaysia, don’t lose Malaysian elites to the developed country (US, UK, Singapore, etc).

US and UK achievement is better, although they don’t have bombastic policy and national education of philosophy. Obviously because they target what they can achieve and develop the people who can develop the country.

Further reading: KEITH LEONG’s article


PS: Er, can I use this piece for my assignment?

Time and tide waits for no man.

Assalamualaikum. Whew. Time flies, really fast. British Summer Time is going to take place this midnight, so we’re going to lose an hour. Argh! I really need to buckle up for my assignment. Pray for me. May Allah bless rahma on you guys.

Interesting to show to you guys: Email+Y! Messenger. Don’t know whether you’ve realise it but it’s a cool thing. Yahoo Email Beta allows you to check new email every 10 minutes, yet receive messages from your friends at the same time. (I have loads thing to comment and tell but can’t write too mush as my assignment also need to be written =p).

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Here how it looks like. Cool huh?

Most reasonable conversation, with master.

ainee: master..

me master: iye

ainee: i really hate it

me master: whats that?

ainee: like ppl said they care abt u

ainee: but they always forget u

ainee: that’s a lie isnt it?

me master: it’s merely a myth to comfort your feeling.

me master: i had too much of it.

We went miles for someone whom we think worth for. We even do things that is beyond our limitation. Even do something that we can’t imagine. But actually in the end, it’s frustating.

So I learned that, you can’t fake your feelings. Learn to forgive, but never to forget. Because we, human, learn from mistakes. The question is; have we ever learn from our mistakes?

Here and there

So many things to do yet so little time. It (refers to the previous statement) reminds me of this:

In the name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.
[1] By (the Token of) Time (through the Ages),
[2] Verily Man is in loss,
[3] Except such as have Faith, and do righteous deeds, and (join together) in the mutual teaching of Truth, and of Patience and Constancy.

So people, do remind me of my doings. Remind me to do my assignment. Inspire me!

Comic relief and Cardiff

Bismillah (In the name of Allah) I start my day and doings, and I seek his blessings and forgiveness, of whatever I do.

Firstly on Comic relief day (16 march), a day when everyone being silly to raise donation. Well, you are supporting it if you buy and eat Muller corner yogurt. *wink* Doesn’t mean you donate, you can’t feel good about it. More about Comic Relief, you can read it by yourself from Wikipedia’s article. I give credits to people who had pour their brain into it. Therefore, you too readers, support them!

(Pssstt… even Tony Blair was being funny, see the video of him “don’t bovvered” with Catherine Tate. Cool huh?? Wonder our PM will do that, hmmm~ *garu dagu yang tidak gatal*)

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And here I am supporting the day for the sake of humanity and sense of humour.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Ainee is trying to be comical

You can also have a picture with a red nose, just need to go to this site.

Right, yesterday we went to Malaysian Games in Cardiff University. Woke up at 2 am, leaving Marjon at 3.45 am, then arrived in Cardiff at 7am. I play no sport but support. Heheh. I wish to join in but I myself can’t catch up with the practise schedule. Prolly I will buat MARJON malu if I participate. LOL.

So here are the glorious achievements that MARJON made:

  1. GOLD- Woman single badminton
  2. GOLD- Woman table tennis
  3. BRONZE- Netball

and the glorious ever;

.:For the first time, MARJON able to send participants for FUTSAL:.

Now, isn’t that marvellous?