Panggilan tipu credit card

Suasana petang yang nyaman. Cuaca suam-suam mendung. Tiba-tiba an automated female operator voice called me with a message “you are about to verify a transaction of  rm3200.50  press 5 to proceed, press 9 to retreat and press 0 to speak to our customer service. So I pressed 0 lah kan sbb tgh nengok bebudak main bola baling kat padang. Celah mana nak buat purchase kat KLIA! Tiga ribu dua ratus? What? What? Panic mak. Rasa macam rumput kat padang tu panas. Macam mana nak bayar nanti? Bukan ke bil kredit kad dah bayar? Dah memacam soalan keluar. Masa tu memang rasa jantung nak tercabut sebab total purchase dah cecah rm6200.50.
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Halloween costumes

Nuffnang Nokia Silent Halloween is coming up, so I’m writing what to wear for the Halloween party.

Sarah Palin has created a fashion craze in the US. Everyone wants to have her spectacles and wigs. But to have her costume this Halloween, Abraham Issa (the owner of Buffalo Breath Costumes) commented “Everyone is asking for her, but she came into the picture too late, so no one had time to make the mask,” Issa said. “You have to do glasses and a wig.”
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How to work pink shades

As mentioned in previous entry, pink is the new black. But how can we work out the shade, without looking awkward and Barbie-ish? Here are some tips that I dug out from Harper’s Bazaar and some are my own personal opinion.

  1. Most pink eye shadows can make the eyes look tired, so go for a soft pink with a golden undertone. I have used it on my friend and it does bring people to look at her windows of soul.
  2. Sugary-sweet pink does not suit everyone. Try to make a statement with hot fuchsia lips instead. Remember Sophie Ellis Bextor? She rocks the colour. Urm, just try it at your own risk.
  3. A cool-toned pink lipsticks works wonders to whiten teeth. Look for ones with hints of blue. For lip gloss, I would suggest T.LeClerc Lip Gloss in Violet Givrée (RM75).
  4. For perfect rosy cheek, put your biggest smile and brush from the centre of the cheeks, making gradually larger circle that swirls outwards–so that the blush application fade out nicely and makes you look natural. The secret is the brush stroke.
    I just found great product that would saves your time doing this is Benefit’s Posie Tint (RM 139)–you just dab it onto your skin and blend it nicely. Seriously, it will make people say “Hey, you’re blushing!” instead of “Urm, are you wearing blusher?”. Unless you put on a lot of it. Uh oh, it can also be applied on your lips.

Fashionably kind

Today is blog action day. Bloggers will talk about poverty and ways to reduce it. I am jumping into the bandwagon (of bloggers) who would like to help with the world crisis. Enough of the talk, here’s what we can do to reduce poverty, locally and globally.

Donation or charity night is a glamourous act, to raise fund to curb poverty. But what if you can’t do one?

  1. Organize your wardrobe. Labels them to: keep, donate and sell (sounds like ‘Sex and The City‘ scene huh?). Now, to keep labels, is meant to be in your wardrobe. To donate: is to be given away to orphanage or charity home. To sell: If you have quite a good collection of designer’s clothes, sell them online and give away the money to charity organizations like TV3 or  Aman Palestin.
  2. Post an entry about poverty, during Blog Action Day (that is today, 15th October). Give suggestions how to reduce poverty and help poor people around you. Like, what I’m doing now. You can adapt the way you write it, according to your blog style.
  3. If you can’t adopt children from 3rd world country like Angelina Jolie, why not adopt a pet (like Samantha). SPCA has a lot of animals to be adopted. Great good deed starts with a small good deed, innit?
  4. Think of children who are motherless due to breast cancer. Before it happens, try as much as we can to prevent the problem (breast cancer). October is a month for Breast Cancer Awareness (Pink Ribbon). Estee Lauder promotes about it by showering KL tower with pink lights. Me? I wear pink ribbon and spread ‘Breast Cancer Awareness’ message by posting entry about it in my blog. By supporting Pink Ribbon day, it will fund economically-challenged breast cancer patients. It is some way to help poverty, innit?
  5. Do small good deeds. After all, when you do good, you will feel good. There are quite a number of poor people in Malaysia. So, help them by giving them shelter, money and clothes. 1901 hotdog kiosk is looking for volunteers to help them to distribute foods for homeless people around KL. Join 1901 and show your concern towards poverty. It is time to show how human we are.

After all, kindness is always fashionable.

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Raya wish

The kakak is a princess. She refused to eat kuih raya because she did not want to spoil her lip gloss. And when her mum insisted her to eat, she ate and then put on the lip gloss back. Gosh!! Hahah.
The small one was like tilting her head when this video was recorded and her head was back to normal by the end of the video. Haha. I just don’t know why.
Selamat Hari Raya everyone!

Pre-raya post

[Malay language entry]

Ramadhan kian usai. Blog ini akan bercuti buat sementara waktu. Di kesempatan ini, saya ingin mengucapkan Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri buat pembaca blog ini dan semua yang mengenali diri ini. Segala kesilapan bahasa, tutur bicara, harap dapat dimaafkan. Saya adalah hamba yang penuh khilaf dan kelemahan. Yang tak pernah lepas dari melakukan kesilapan. Andai terlajak bicara, terkasar bahasa, ada entri yang tak enak dibaca, segalanya datang dari kesalahan saya jua. Hamba yang hina.

Terima kasih buat bloggers yang rajin menulis entri yang menyentuh jiwa saya tiap kali membacanya. Walaupun tiada masa untuk menitip di ruang komen, ketahuilah bahawa saya pembaca setia anda. Mudahan Allah akan memberi kalian semangat untuk menulis. Mudahan ilham yang Allah berikan dapat dirasai bersama.

Terima kasih jua buat silent readers yang tak jemu mengungi blog ini (melalui IP address anda yang berjaya direkodkan. Yeay!) walau tiada apa yang dapat saya beri melalui tulisan saya. Sedikit sebanyak pengalaman yang ditimba, akan saya cuba kongsi bersama. Terima kasih atas kunjungan dan sokongan kalian.

Selamat Hari Raya. Maaf Zahir Batin!

Being 23 years old.

Alhamdulillah (all praise to Allah). Allah gives me another chance to breath and taste this life. He allows me to live for 23 years. What would life be without Allah? I couldn’t imagine. It must be the worst of the worst. Lowest of the lowest. Life would be meaningless and restless. *scary* I know the fact that to err is human, and I am merely human who is always imperfect. And we as human should always ask for forgiveness from him. We always need help from Him and depending on Him. Merely a slave who needs His blessings and love (rahmat and rahmah). I wonder what would happen if God is angry at me? That is my greatest fear.

Today is UPSR as well and I miss my Year 4 pupils. They always flatter me with nice words and drawings. A girl told me “teacher I want to get you a cake but then that time is puasa”. I replied, “it’s OK. I don’t mind”. They told me that they want to get me something special for my birthday but I said “Your good result in PKSR and UPSR is the best present for me”. Alhamdulillah they agreed to study hard.

Celebrating birthday with my friends is really nice. I really appreciate their effort. But being blessed by Allah is priceless. I have another chance to improve myself as a Muslimah and living this life to the fullest 🙂

I already got my cupcakes. My pupils even gave me advanced birthday present (that was way before merdeka celebration). What else do I want apart from God’s blessings and happiness in life?

I thank god for giving me good friends as well. I thank god that I learned from them and living this life and making me being me. Being 23 makes me think more about life. Life in thereafter.

12th August


Lucky babe. Dah kene cop dak nih.


Boston chocolate cake


Sweet Alabama chocolate milikshake (Manhattan Fish Market)


Sultan Abdul Samad building

*birthday bash dengan Alin babe tadek gamba. Hujan siod masa tu (terlupa pon ye). Tapi bes woo makan french cuisine tepi pantai diiringi muzik Agogo. Ahahaha.

** The pictures were taken using my faithful phone. How I miss my former phone 🙁