Of blogging

I used to have 2 blogs last time. That was a long time ago, and I abandon it. There’s this one private blog, I did not advertise and promote it, however being managed to find out by this one blogger chick. kantoi ~huhuh~

Last time stick to blog with Friendster (FS) because it’s easy as I just need to login to my friendster account, and just type whatever thing that I want. It’s quite convinient too as it informs my friends about blog updates. However, one day, I was so pissed of with the capability of FS’s blog, such as photo posting, template designing and few other shits that I encounter while blogging using FS’s blog. Since then, I bid goodbye to my FS blog.

What happened in between the period of frustation with FS blog? I do blog hopping. Inspired by local blogs, enthusiastic and outspoken blogospheres, full-with-principles journalists, even Malaysian famous literati (check out the links at the right side). Inspired, motivated, supported by few advantages that I’ll get if I do much blogging such as these, and I started the new one (at blogspot) after 5th month I came here :

  1. I’ll increase my typing speed.
  2. I’ll improve my reading speed as I do blog hopping.
  3. It’s one of the writing skills practise.
  4. It’ll help me in my assignment (in case of maximising word limit) as I learned to write a load of crap.
  5. Get to know what others think as well and learn from them (hot to write greatly)
  6. Learn to write coherently and making sense of my ideas.
  7. Learn how to express my ideas in words.
  8. Enlarge my vocabulary database.
My blogging is meant to be shared and criticised and read. Then my friend told his story about his hardship of expressing his thoughts in FS’ blog. He was stalked somehow. There are people who are suppressing his freedom of writing and political preferences. What a shame. I can’t believe that there are people who claim that they are Malaysians that practice democracy still doing that kind of unproffesional act? Duh~ I feel ashamed somehow. Looks like we’re practising prehisctorical politics. Do whatever you can including immoral act to make your enemy collapse.

Lately, I saw many of my friends have started blogging. I hope they’ll get the same benefit as I do and also to use the freedom of speech (can be considered freedom of writing in this context) wisely. I also wish that my fellow blogosphere will widen their reading and not to believe in one particular report (or whatever written form that gives information) but to have read as many resource as you can that comes with valid and reliable evidence. I’ve encountered so many modified news and reports. What a shame. We’re turning into Americans. Manipulated by the media. I don’t want to be one of the fool and I hope you’ll not too. Have fun with blogging!

Not-so-wonderful Wednesday (and Tuesday)

Part I

Yesterday(Tuesday) I prohibited myself from internet-surfing, however, I was beaten badly by my own sleepiness. I usually carried away when I go online. Blogging, blog hopping, eBay-cum-window-shopping, playing games, YM-ing, and the list goes on. Give me Mozilla Firefoz (no IE please, they are so slow and user-unfriendly), but still, the time that I take to surf the internet cannot be deducted. Looks like technology has helped me to discover more fun of the internet eh? OK, my plan did not work yesterday. I fell asleep while I was studying. Heck! What a lazy girl am I. After that, I even played PC game (sim theme park). Darn! When did I study? Before I sleep. That’s it. I have wasted my lovely evening with sleeping and playing. I didn’t even sign into YM to avoid the temptation of YM-ing (konon laa). At last, I did something else jugak. Hurm. Don’t know what will I get for the test.

Part II

Wednesday, bloody windy. Need to wake up earlier because TrayC’s class started at 9.30. Full attandance for today’s TEYL class because of the test. Hee hee.


What is done is done. Many said it’s not easy. I agree. But somehow I know how to answer it, maybe the exposure of Bolitho’s book I guess. What will be, will be. I have made little effort, prayed, did attend for the test and answered it, the rest is Allah’s power. Lead us not into temptation again, Amen.

of [wild] attitude and halle [berry]

sunday was not-so-good day anyway but I had a good laugh for the stupidity that I experienced with you-know-who (cam harry potter lak). haha. wanna know what i did on monday after went to library? read pr3ttych3rry’s.

i got another ad from poetry.com. it asked me to buy my own poem that has been recorded and put into CD and they’ll commemorate

sigh. better go for blogging. ada satu pertandingan blog bahasa melayu yang dianjurkan oleh kempen bulan bahasa 2006 (tiba-tiba saja tukar bahasa). Tapi dah terlepas. at that time my blog was very scratchy. not much topic. no identity. not even glamour. baru nak bertatih laa bak kata bahasa sedap orang melayu. senarai penuh pemenang bersama blog di sini.
psst: to miss pr3ttych3rry, ader blog name srikandy laar. she got 6 malay books from TOP notch writers and a Creative Zeon Neno Plus MP3 player. jealous x? consolation prize jer tu.

about halle berry, tak berkaitan sebenarnya. it’s just that when k.eQin wants to google for ‘berry’ image, she got results of halle berry instead. not berry the fruit. LOL. sajer nak letak catchy title jer tuh.

may tomorrow will be better.


Penaakulan Mantik Hal Ehwal Semasa

Di sini ada beberapa soalan penaakulan mantik untuk menajamkan otak anda. Selamat mencuba!

soalan 1

Premis 1: Kata Paklah “Kita mengutuk kekejaman Israel.

Premis 2: Keuntungan penjualan barangan2 US dan Israel sebahagiannya disalurkan utk ketenteraan Israel.

Premis 3: Kata Paklah “Kita tak blh melaksanakan boikot yg akan menjejaskan kita sendiri”.

Taakulan: ____________ (2markah)

soalan 2

Premis 1: “Kami di Asean mengecam Amerika Syarikat atas sokongan yg diberikan kpd Israel”.

Premis 2: Kami(negara2 Asean) baru je memeterai perjanjian ekonomi dgn US.

Premis 3: Kami yg punyai kuasa wang yg cukupbesar berbilion2 ringgit masih perlu bergantung dgn US.

Taakulan: ____________________ (2 markah)

soalan 3

premis 1: “Kami (Pemuda UMNO) mendesak OIC supaya lbh tegas dlm menyatakan pendirian ttg isu keganasan Israel!”.

premis 2: Naib Ketua Pemuda Umno yg bersungguh2 berdemo adalah menantu pengerusi OIC.

taakulan: ______________ (1 markah)

p/s: just copy dr sorg sahabat : )


Of carboot and fate

I love carboot in Plymouth. Either in Stonehouse Creek or Argyle, I love them both. Today I went to both places. Woke up early in the morning. In fact, very very early. It’s beyond my expectation. I feel like this is not the usual Ainee. Honestly, I’m not a morning person. However, carboot sale has driven me. I even don’t go shopping to Portsmouth with A because of carboot. I just find bargaining is fun. It’s much more fun than eBay in fact. Much more fun than flea market in Amcorp Mall I think.

Carboot is a gamble. In the beginning, it’s either rain or shine. If it’s rain, it
means we lost a day. Then, when the sun come out, it’s either what we aim to buy has been sold, unavailable, or available. If it’s available, there might be a possibility that the item that we want being taken in front of our naked eyes.

Today, we planned to go to Argyle. This is my first time went to Argyle with bus. Take note we bought return tickets. OK? However, as we arrived there, there is a notice board over there said it’s on Sunday. *sigh* then we walked to the city. We walked for about 40-45 minutes (didn’t set the time actually but that’s the rough estimation). My feet blistered. My breathing system was panting. However there was a good side after all. I discovered places I’ve never been before. O yeah, there was this construction worker (on the way to stonehouse, there were some refurbishment construction took place) bade salaam to me. I was quite shocked coz he looks like local people.

Wan said “maybe he’s a Muslim kot..”.

I answered but I was munching at that time. Hee hee. O yeah, I know why, Wan was so [email protected] today. She wore tudung ____ (I bg name tudung lawa laa coz don’t know laa what its name actually heheh). That’s why that guy bade salam kan? Gomen wan…

As we arrived at the stonehouse, there were so many sellers. This is the first time I saw the place is fully occupied. Hell packed. We thought there won’t be many people because before we arrived, the sky was cloudy and looked like twos going to rain. Allah’s will, the weather was just nice. There were lots of stuff.

While looking for Senah’s bike (again, last time can’t find under 20 pounds bike), there is this another Muslim (a seller) guy from Gambia bade me salaam, again. Looks like today I was destined to meet Muslim guys in Plymouth. Erk, sounds like matchmaking la pulak. Talk talk talk, I bought a bracelet from him. Cool stuff. Hand made. Rare things. Definitely worth my 50 pence. Then I bought 3 CD’s for 1 pound (again!). This time, it’s purely educational CD’s. Thee hee. Then Wan showed me sleeping bag. Nice. Blue. I like!

Suddenly, while walking, there’s a old and frail voice asked us “datang dari mana?”.

I replied with smile “Malaysia”.

Then the granny stated “saya juga dari malaysia”.

We chatted for quite a long time then we exchanged numbers and address. She’s a baba nyonya from Melaka. She even showed us her picture while she had long hair. Damn long. It covered her body.She also showed her picture of her son, daughter and grandchild. So classic. So sweet. She brought it everywhere I guess. Her husband is a British but can speak Malay fluently. He had been in Malaya (now Malaysia) for quite a long time and can even speak and write in Tamil. I’m impressed. However, most of the Malay people in Plymouth that she knows is much much older than us. They have brood in here. Oops. I don’t even married yet la nenek and atuk. Bla3~

What shocked my membrane cortex was, he said “Kamu nampak saya ini badan saja ada sini tapi hati di Malaya”.

Erk, wow~ I’m impressed. Even his wife said he miss Malaya badly. Me? What about me? He even can speak Bahasa Melayu baku fluently and my bahasa? Do I miss Malaysia? No idea.

So we went back by Citybus. The same bus that we took which dropped us at Outland street but when we wanted to go back we took bus from stonehouse AND ’twas the same bus driver. Hmm. Today is a lucky day. Wonder what’ll happen tomorrow.

Of friendship day

Yesterday there were few friends who wished me ‘happy friendship day’. Unfortunately, 1st August is not the day. It’s on the first Sunday of August actually. But it’s OK. What matters is the wishes. May Allah bless all my friends and if this is ukhwah fillah, I hope it will last for eternity.

MARJONIANS, FC2.4 ’04, IPBARIANS, Cataluna9802s, Happy friendship day!

my hidden talent

I am not sure how far this thing is true, but if it’s true, for real, hell yeah! All I need to do is not to stop working on my dream.

Your Hidden Talent

You are both very knowledgeable and creative.
You tend to be full of new ideas and potential – big potential.
Ideas like yours could change the world, if you build them.
As long as you don’t stop working on your dreams, you’ll get there.