Fashionable geek

So, having a blog which makes a geek (read: boyfriend) cringed upon loading, will lead to endless argument. So, I’ve read Adam’s entry, which suggest SEO analysis site, and I thought of giving it a try.

I typed and in less than 1 minutes, it reports my blog statistics. *holds chair for support*

It’s a very detailed report, mind you. Long detailed report but quick. Faster than your blood test result. It also gives recommendations on how to improve your blog. This is a quick, compulsory test I would say for fashionista’s blog because most of fashion blog have enormous size of images. Of course, we like to post pictures yada yada but still, we want to give pleasure to our readers. Having a blog which uploaded slowly like a sloth is sooo not fashionable.

So these are reports for most clicked fashion blog.



Perez Hilton

The Budget Fashionista