Everyone should dress

Now is the time of major economic slump. Even ELLE editor (November issue) is writing about how the economy has affected fashion industry. Not much of fashion coverage this time. More articles. This time, models are from season 7’s American Idol’s finalists. The Christmas 08 edition have more IT list Christmas item that priced less than $100.
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So, she said, the recession has affected fashion industry as well. But still, we have to get dressed everyday. So we do what we have to do.We still have to get dressed to work and all.

I am impressed how Malaysia can have a big saving sale this Christmas season. The government is too nice to help the industry grow by encouraging people to spend more. But, do we have to really do that? since everyone is experiencing economic slump. But amazingly, Malaysia is the other way around.

We just had IFF (Islamic Fashion Festival) and MIFA (Malaysian International Fashion Festical). Impressive innit?

By the way, Midnite sale in Malaysia, is not the same as midnite sale in Plymouth. Usually, on normal days (outside christmas season) the shops are closed at 6pm. But during Christmas time, it is closed at 9pm on Thusrdays (or any other day that they want to open, depends on the mall). But in Malaysia, midnite means 12am man. Imagine that. We Malaysians have that kind of energy to shop till wee hour.

4 thoughts on “Everyone should dress

  1. did u knw in JB, some of the malls were open til abt 3am during the pre-raya sales? I think its just that malls hv free AC, and we get to stay inside and not outside where it is HOT and SWEATY, dats why we Msians like to shop show much.

    or maybe its still the war mentality, where you hv to buy as much as you can and stock up, you know, incase war ever breaks out. Tho i highly doubt it that war ever breaks out, ppl are gonna hv time to wear their mascaras, dresses and killer stilettos, all bought on sale =p

  2. when talking about shopping, i definitely will be thinking bout Malaysia. About all the shopping complexes that Malaysia have, places to go shopping, d variety of choices and prices.. it just cannot be compared to other places (except London during Boxing Day!! ) isk..gonna missed boxing day this yer ;( . i wanna go home to buy more shoes from Nose, more pants (yes, i need jeans n long pants that fit me well as a petite cute girl.haha) ;p and..can’t wait to fill in my stomach with Malaysian food!!!!!!!!!!!

    how i miss malaysia!! tanah airku!! (do u noe wat k.eni, we have to sing Negaraku tomorrow at our farewell dinner) oh. i dunno whether we still remember how to sing our national anthem anymore ;p

  3. Hunny,. if you forget your national anthem then youre gonna be in real big trouble coz when you come back theyre gonna make you sing tonnes of those during the BTN camps hehe

    true story: I forgot my IC number after 2 yrs of barely using it so i can totally relate haha

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