Tips for girls after breaking up

Sometimes shits just happen. Tapi tak mengapa.  Like my wise best friend said
“Kadang-kadang Allah bagi sesuatu sebab Dia lagi tahu 
bahawa perkara yang kita suka itu takkan membawa manfaat kepada kita.” 

Kepada sesiapa mahu berjiwang, sila la lawat blog cry4freedom. 
These are tips to be strong yah.

I really believe everything happens, happen for a reason.

Should you be sad about breaking up? NO way Jose!

Because: Allah is the wisest. He’s the one who plan and do. The All Knowing, The Omniscient. There must be reason for this. He (my only one Allah) still loves me. 
As a human who have no idea about the future
(perhaps you can refer back to my plan of future)

Want to know what is guy’s reason if he doesn’t want you anymore in his life, 
or in simple word, 
he have other person in his life? 

So, get ready for the Top 10! And this time ‘he’ refers to a guy who mistreated you and have something on his back.

  1. He never makes plans in advance
    If he really wanted to see you, do you really think he would keep calling you on Friday to make plans for Saturday?
  2. He won’t talk about the future
    We’re not talking about ultimatums here or putting undue pressure on the guy. But if he refuses to discuss where things are headed, then can you really count on him to be the one?
  3. He lets you do all the work
    It’s okay to plan some of the dates, but if you only see each other when you make it happen, then can he really claim to be committed to the relationship?
  4. He’s not clear about your status with friends and family
    Does he tell you that you’re his girlfriend but say something different in front of friends and family, like we’re just close friends?
  5. He’s overly guarded about cell phone and email messages
    People who hide nothing have nothing to hide. Why would he be so protective about messages if he had nothing to hide?
  6. He cancels on you all the time
    Making plans is great but not if they’re constantly cancelled by him. What could possibly come up every weekend that he bags on plans with you to do something else?
  7. He says that he spends time on you so much. He thinks that he spends most of his time with you until he has no time to maen PS2, maen futsal, and also to play with his toy.
  8. He doesn’t trust you to give his password, while for this while you have free access to all his password. He tells you for  awhile that you can have his password if you trust him, but not one account.
  9. He deleted his trashy message in Friendster.  But you (girls) are brilliant to find it in his trash bin. Heheh. You’ve warned him not to do it, but he still. Patutkah bersama dengan orang yang tak faham cakap you and hurt your feelings?
  10. For this while if Skype hangs up, he will call you back immediately, but no more. He claimes that he’s angry with you, but actually he wants to call other person etc. 
  11. He says that you are a fierce and you’re too cute or pretty or good for him. Hmm, I myself don’t know how to elaborate on this. Any idea? Ok, I need guy’s opinion on this.

Ops. That’s not Top 10, it’s 11! Hohoh. 
Forgive me and my flu disease. It’s make my mind hazy yah people, but not my heart. =P

Do you need to cry for this kind of guy? Sorry. No more. My best friend gave me advice and strength, that if a guy does like that, it’s clearly that he’s not worth for me. Ok. Enough about that. Just some advice for other girls too. I should not keep it to myself innit?

So, I got so many things to do. Better I don’t waste my time thinking about this, kan people kn?
Nak tutup blog nie? Tak payah laa… Susah2 je kumpul blogoshphere and tulis mcm2, takkan nak tinggalkan mcm tu je (oh ye, sy bkn org yg jenis tinggalkn sesuatu mcm tu saja). 

So here is my sugestion plan and some taken from here *grin* :

  1. Eat lotsa chocolate or ice cream to stabilise the hormone? No way. Slim down a bit, exercise, tone the body. Shape up your body a bit to make it more healthy and sexy.
  2. Shopping laa what else. Dah ada perfect body and dress size kena la melaram. Bak kata one of my friend’s mom “buat apa nak cry over a person who doesn’t treat you well. Baik flaunt yourself and go get other fish.”. Haha. Lawak2 la jugak tapi ada juga benarnya.
  3. Travel and make many friends. Kena la keluar dari ‘sarang’, jangan asyik dok memerap dan tak buat apa. Si dia sedang berseronok barangkali. So do you. You need to have your own time and fun. Good friends will support you and that’s what they’re for.
  4. His presents and stuffs. What you can do is, takkan nak buang begitu saja. Ia berguna untuk orang lain. Perhaps you can donate it to charity shop, give it to your friends who admire those stuffs. Barangkai ada orang yang akan tertarik dengan your kebijaksanaan, strength and your kindness.
  5. Forgive and forget? To forgive is divine, but to forget? I know it’s hard to forget.Tapi tak mengapa. Slowly will do. Perhaps on the day you found that what you do is not regretful.

Apa lagi? Move on! Wake up! Heheh. Lagu ni sesuai untuk beri motivasi kepada girls.

PS: I like it when he bends over, thinking that she wants to kiss him, but actually she wants to take back the necklace and jacket that she gave to him. Wicked! LOL. Lyrics here.

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Now I’m happy

Heheh. Senah just send me the feedback form for our microteaching 
(teaching or cheating? ahahah~). Guess what? Katy praised us and she encourage us to do our portfolio well. Looks like we’ll have chance to get an A. *blink*

This is the overall comment:

Excellent learner environtment, materials design and explotation and team work. A pleasure to watch and take part in.

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Selasa yang culas.

I was asked to go back by the teachers (yes, many of them!) as I got earache again at school. Then I walked slowly, waiting for the lucky-number-46-bus to appear, in autumn gust. Even the bus stop shelter was shaking due to the strong wind today. So I hoovered my room (Before I go to school the glass bowl which I put next to my window fell and shattered into pieces. Luckily I met with Margaret today in the college and asked her to put the vacuum in our house as I want to do it later). I don’t want to sleep with sharp edged of broken glasses. Arse! I immediately fell asleep aster few chat with friends on the internet. Then Dienka’s call woke me up at 6.50pm asking whether I want to attend the workshop. I can’t. I’m bit poorly. I was *ucking tired.

Erk. What is this crap? OK. I am inspired to re-plan my future after I read MA’s blog. So go on read her’s first, then you’ll know what I’m talking about. Hahah. MA is so inspiring for me yah.

So, If I get married at 27, there are chances that I’ll get as much as 4 offsprings.

If I married early of the year, I prolly get one at the end of the year.

  • 27 years old- 1st born 
  • 29 years old- 2 offspring
  • 32 years old- 3 offspring
  • 36 years old- 4 offspring

So, by the time the youngest get into primary school, my age will be around 43. Not that bad innit? If I am the teacher at his or her school, that’s much better
as PTA’s meeting and everything is under my knowledge.

Uh, uh. But I’m dreaming to get 6 brood. How aa? Shall I add another 2 years? Shall I eat pills in order to get twin? 

Well, everything is plan, and it all depends on ‘Him’, the Almighty, the Omniscient. 


*Note to myself: Ainee!! Move your arse you lazy bitch. Do your work please!!
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Kerja, keletihan, kantoi.

Sekarang ni kerja banyak. Bayangkan:

  • 07/12- Katy nak tengok school portfolio
  • 11/12- Exam BHPD01: How Students progress as learners, 2 hours seen exam.
  • 14/12- Group celebration & art portfolio hand in (almost 100% done since it’s not much)
  • 15/12- TEYL Portfolio due date

Mike pon nak tengok portfolio utk EIT. Tapi yang tu almost settled. Too many kerja!!

Ada satu satu flashgame nie, ala2 KOF/ Street fighter, and I managed to win all stage. It congratulates me:

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

But then, it makes me feel guilty.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

So, do they know that all the gamers of this game, don’t do their homework then?

PS: Akak managed to persuade me to buy earmuffs. Besides, I do need it for tomorrow. Taunton Avenue to Woodfield Primary is quite distance, hilly and chilly.

PSS: Romong will update his entry soon. He currently enjoys his time in his kampung. He’s busy for this upcoming SMKASAS Cataluna 9802 reunion. Gambaremasu minna san!!
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