Puisi untuk Fahri

Kamu lelaki

yang mengajar erti

cinta tak seharusnya memiliki

jodoh itu ketentuan ilahi

yang berat itu soal hati


kepada mas fahri,

dong sayang. mudahan ramai mengikut jejakmu. menimba ilmu. menebarkan sayap kasih sayang antara manusia. menegakkan syariat allah di alam semesta. aku mengharapkan kewujudanmu di dunia ini. amin.

*maafkan aku andai sejak dua menjak ini aku bicara dalam bahasa indonesia dan bahasa arab. bear with me ya?

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Film review: Moui

It was a gloomy and rainy day. We went to see a newly released Korean horror movie at GSC. Moui, means ghost potrait. I’m not sure Moui is in what language, either Korean or Vietnam. Because they actors and actresses are Korean, while the ghost legend is in Vietnam.

The story is about Yoon-hee (Jo An), a novelist, who hears an interesting story from Seo-yeon (Cha Ye-ryun) who had immigrated to Vietnam. The story is about a cursed portrait. The story fascinates Yoon-hee, which she plans to write for her next novel. Then she heads for Vietnam where Muoi and Seo-yeon awaits her. Having arrived in Vietnam, Yoon-hee feels somewhat eerie seeing Seo-yeonhas some how change, and as this feeling intensifies, Yoon Hee become obsessed with collecting data on the secret of ‘Muoi’. However as the secret behind the portrait reveals, the beautiful exotic nature of Vietnam turns into a place of nightmares and full of terror and error.

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I am muslim too!

Hey people. Zan Azlee sent me a facebook message and he is bugging people around to watch his film. What? When? Where?

I’m Muslim Too!
Malaysia, 2008; Zan Azlee, 73 mins

Many see Malaysia as a moderate Islamic country that has found a unique and harmonious balance between religion, secularism and multiculturalism. Zan Azlee decides to learn and find out more about Islam and his own identity as a Malay Muslim. He embarks on a journey to the heartland of Islam, the Middle-East, with nothing but his video camera and a bag full of instant noodles. He meets a brutal heavy metal band in Iran, discovers a Syrian version of Low Yat Plaza in Damascus, hangs out with a couple of Palestinian dudes in a camp in Beirut and learns about sex from a bunch of artists in Jordan.

Zan will be in attendance to discuss his film with the audience after the screening.

Introduced by Hassan Muthalib.

Tuesday 19 February, 8.00pm
HELP University College Theatrette, Pusat Bandar Damansara, KL
Free admission

QDB.us: Quotation

aring: http://stardust_quotations
aring: nnt carik
ainee: caruklah
aring: pegi baca quotes tu
ainee: tanak ah
ainee: i nk baca scott & yteberg
ainee: i nk bc quotation from Dewsbury, Moon J.
aring: alhamdulillah
ainee: ah diam!
ainee: hahah
aring: eh emo pulak
aring: brewster ellis and girard pn jgn dilupakan
aring: halliwell
ainee: ye. manusia itu emosi

Uh oh. A QDB about quotation. Coolness. Lantak ko la Alin ngan those movie quotations. I’m still stuck with Twinkle the little star (my dissy is about nursery rhymes remember?). Adeh. Ganbate Ainee!!

Don’t forget to read Alin’s piece as well. Malas nk cross entry. Sepah lak nanti. Hikhik.

PS: All the orang putih names mentioned are renowned authors in TEYL (teaching english to young learners). Their quotations are widely used in our assignments.


McDreamy is prince charming.


OK wipe your saliva please.  

But even as he continues to chat about today’s successes, past memories keep intruding. Dempsey has never been a quitter — refusing, for example, to let dyslexia destroy his acting dreams — and even during the stagnant ’90s, he never thought of packing it in.

“I had no choice but to succeed,” he remembers. “I had to keep at it. I went back to school.”

He kept missing out on parts but he persevered. “I would work on every audition as hard as possible with a coach — I wanted to improve — and that became my school.”

Reference: Canada.com