Film review: Moui

It was a gloomy and rainy day. We went to see a newly released Korean horror movie at GSC. Moui, means ghost potrait. I’m not sure Moui is in what language, either Korean or Vietnam. Because they actors and actresses are Korean, while the ghost legend is in Vietnam.

The story is about Yoon-hee (Jo An), a novelist, who hears an interesting story from Seo-yeon (Cha Ye-ryun) who had immigrated to Vietnam. The story is about a cursed portrait. The story fascinates Yoon-hee, which she plans to write for her next novel. Then she heads for Vietnam where Muoi and Seo-yeon awaits her. Having arrived in Vietnam, Yoon-hee feels somewhat eerie seeing Seo-yeonhas some how change, and as this feeling intensifies, Yoon Hee become obsessed with collecting data on the secret of ‘Muoi’. However as the secret behind the portrait reveals, the beautiful exotic nature of Vietnam turns into a place of nightmares and full of terror and error.

The film not manage to scare me, the-one-who-easily-freaked-out. I was laughing almost all the way of the movie. The part where I felt scared scared was when the Muoi’s leg was being crushed (crackled flesh and blood) and her face was splashed with acid. You see. Almost all ghost story, is about jealousy and revenge. Thus, I can conclude that those who do bad, will be treated bad. And BTW, ghosts do revenge to their ex boyfriend or any guy who screwed their life. Duh. It’s not worth it to fight for a lame guy (I mean, jerk).

There are quite a number of funny part to the extent I could not remember all because there was too much of funny scene. Oh yeah, there was a flashback of WWII where General Yamagoshi, who is supposed to be a Japanese, but the role actually was acted by a Korean actor. Iwaslike “Ape cheapskate sangat la derang nie”.

This movie is very international. You will find Koreans who can speak Vietnamese. Vietnamese who can speak Korean a bit. Suddenly the ghost can go to Korea to do revenge. LOL.

There was once, I laughed out loud, alone. It was so funny for me. I apologized later by saying “excuse me”. I’m afraid to offend anyone in there who have passion for Korean ghost film. Err actually, I laughed almost all the time. Everything tickles my belly. I cannot tahan one. Must gelak or else my stomach will bloat like a frog.

The only thing that I like about this film is how the actresses look good in Vietnamese suit. They just make me feel like buying one.


If you’re a pious follower of ghost story, I’m afraid this film will stir your belief. But yeah, Korea and Vietnam is not a good match. Plus, there are quite a number of controversial issues before the film is released.

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