McDreamy is prince charming.


OK wipe your saliva please.  

But even as he continues to chat about today’s successes, past memories keep intruding. Dempsey has never been a quitter — refusing, for example, to let dyslexia destroy his acting dreams — and even during the stagnant ’90s, he never thought of packing it in.

“I had no choice but to succeed,” he remembers. “I had to keep at it. I went back to school.”

He kept missing out on parts but he persevered. “I would work on every audition as hard as possible with a coach — I wanted to improve — and that became my school.”

Reference: Canada.com

Machine washable sunny

I am quite shocked when I was doing my online shopping at the famous high street boutique website. They have machine washable sunny nowadays. Impressive. Nevertheless, I bought it. Perhaps I should consider of washing it along with my laundry. Heheh. They are selling anything from last season and lucky me, I can use it in Malaysia as I can wear one all year round. 🙂

Or will I buy another?

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