QDB.us: Quotation

aring: http://stardust_quotations
aring: nnt carik
ainee: caruklah
aring: pegi baca quotes tu
ainee: tanak ah
ainee: i nk baca scott & yteberg
ainee: i nk bc quotation from Dewsbury, Moon J.
aring: alhamdulillah
ainee: ah diam!
ainee: hahah
aring: eh emo pulak
aring: brewster ellis and girard pn jgn dilupakan
aring: halliwell
ainee: ye. manusia itu emosi

Uh oh. A QDB about quotation. Coolness. Lantak ko la Alin ngan those movie quotations. I’m still stuck with Twinkle the little star (my dissy is about nursery rhymes remember?). Adeh. Ganbate Ainee!!

Don’t forget to read Alin’s piece as well. Malas nk cross entry. Sepah lak nanti. Hikhik.

PS: All the orang putih names mentioned are renowned authors in TEYL (teaching english to young learners). Their quotations are widely used in our assignments.

Funny but bersih

Probably next month’s DiGi advertisement, they don’t need to find new ideas and models.

I heard they ban yellow wardrobe for the day. What if for the people who are working for DiGi ek? Kena tangkap sekali tak?

I wonder what will happen to people who are wearing Perak, Kedah, and Selangor’s jersey. (Is there any other state FC that got yellow on their jerseys?)

For the pengantin (newly weds) who have YELLOW as their theme, do you mind to caruk your experience here?

What will happen to blondes weih? I cuak nieh.

Daulat tuanku! Heheh. ^_^

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