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Nuffnang Nokia Silent Halloween is coming up, so I’m writing what to wear for the Halloween party.

Sarah Palin has created a fashion craze in the US. Everyone wants to have her spectacles and wigs. But to have her costume this Halloween, Abraham Issa (the owner of Buffalo Breath Costumes) commented “Everyone is asking for her, but she came into the picture too late, so no one had time to make the mask,” Issa said. “You have to do glasses and a wig.”

The Joker as a nurse: The dark knight is an epic of Batman movie. The Joker (late Heath Ledger–aka gay cowboy) had given us best idea of Halloween costume. I just couldn’t resist to laugh at the scene when The Joker tries to help Two Face to break out from the hospital. It was funny, yet cool villain act. The Joker in a nurse uniform. Lifting up the bra and sleazy jokes. Haha. It’s easy to be like him, get some wigs, the dress is at affordable price, and some nasty makeup, you’re done! So let’s introduce a little anarchy this Halloween!



Obama and McCain: They are hot, most talked about, and being observed globally. That’s why it’s cool to be them this Halloween. Make sure you are equipped with the US politic scene knowledge. And don’t forget to learn some quotations and jokes if you want to cheer the party!

Have you watched Sex and The City The Movie? Doyou remember what Carrie Bradshaw wore when she went trick-or-treating with Samantha & co? Carrie Bradshaw was wearing Cinderella’s mask to avoid people asking her about being jilted at wedding. (I just could not googled for any image of Carrie trick-or-treating with Samantha’s family).

Harrie: No costume?
Carrie: No look closer. I’m the scariest thing in New York, jilted at 41. Boo!


Oh, just make sure, if you attend to any Halloween event for kids, make sure you whether adults need to wear costumes or not, or you’ll be like Brooke Shield who turned up in Dream Halloween fundraiser for Children Affected By AIDS, in New York who later felt silly after she found out that she is the only adult in costume.


Oh, don’t forget that Nuffnang has published about renting Halloween costume. Oh! TGI Friday is also celebrating pocong, langsuir and pontianak.
So, what are you going to be this Halloween?

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  1. Tiap2 tahun saya jadik casper. Malas nak carik costume. Guna costume yg sedia ada.

    Haha. Ye ye je macam la selebret Helowin pon.

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