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Today is blog action day. Bloggers will talk about poverty and ways to reduce it. I am jumping into the bandwagon (of bloggers) who would like to help with the world crisis. Enough of the talk, here’s what we can do to reduce poverty, locally and globally.

Donation or charity night is a glamourous act, to raise fund to curb poverty. But what if you can’t do one?

  1. Organize your wardrobe. Labels them to: keep, donate and sell (sounds like ‘Sex and The City‘ scene huh?). Now, to keep labels, is meant to be in your wardrobe. To donate: is to be given away to orphanage or charity home. To sell: If you have quite a good collection of designer’s clothes, sell them online and give away the money to charity organizations like TV3 or  Aman Palestin.
  2. Post an entry about poverty, during Blog Action Day (that is today, 15th October). Give suggestions how to reduce poverty and help poor people around you. Like, what I’m doing now. You can adapt the way you write it, according to your blog style.
  3. If you can’t adopt children from 3rd world country like Angelina Jolie, why not adopt a pet (like Samantha). SPCA has a lot of animals to be adopted. Great good deed starts with a small good deed, innit?
  4. Think of children who are motherless due to breast cancer. Before it happens, try as much as we can to prevent the problem (breast cancer). October is a month for Breast Cancer Awareness (Pink Ribbon). Estee Lauder promotes about it by showering KL tower with pink lights. Me? I wear pink ribbon and spread ‘Breast Cancer Awareness’ message by posting entry about it in my blog. By supporting Pink Ribbon day, it will fund economically-challenged breast cancer patients. It is some way to help poverty, innit?
  5. Do small good deeds. After all, when you do good, you will feel good. There are quite a number of poor people in Malaysia. So, help them by giving them shelter, money and clothes. 1901 hotdog kiosk is looking for volunteers to help them to distribute foods for homeless people around KL. Join 1901 and show your concern towards poverty. It is time to show how human we are.

After all, kindness is always fashionable.

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