SEED cafe Midvalley

If you are looking for cheap, delicious and comfortable ambience for makan place and near to your favourite apparel store, you should read this.

I couldn’t think of better words to describe the cafe, thus, I quote the site.

Seed Café, is chic personified. It exudes a cool aura and this is its main selling point. The restaurants concept adapts a contemporary and simple outlook. The design and decoration gels in with Seed’s youthful and trendy image. It’s simple and tempting, serving a mix of Asian and Western food. (taken from Seed Cafe site)

There was not many people (there were 2 or 3 people that time, around 7pm) so we got our meal pretty quick (in 10 minutes I reckon). I didn’t even managed to finish reading magazines which are conveniently placed near customers’ dining table.

SEED cafe is a perfect place for fashionistas to hang out. After you had done your shopping, fill your stomach with good food from SEED cafe. The food is absolutely delicious and addictive (now I sound like chefs from UK. haha). Even Nisa had craving of SEED cafe’s chicken chop when she was in Perak.

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Nuffnang gift ideas

They (Nuffnang kompeni laa) promote Nuffnang gift idea and urges me to give a gift to another Nuffnanger. I browse the items, beauty and health shelf of course, and found this (GINTELL eye massager).
eye massager
It reminds me of a Nuffnanger who had eye problem. Once upon a day, she had severe problem with her left eye and was required to take MC due to it’s severity.

I know she needs this since she’s a workaholic mom and she wears contact lenses. Being a contact lens wearer myself, I know that one needs to take extra care for the eyes. Can’t wear the lenses more than 8 hours, can’t wear lenses when there’s insufficient liquid or moisture in one’s eyes. Can’t wear lenses when one is sick, and the list goes on. (I know, I know, beauty is pain)
kakred eyes

So this product would be an ideal gift too Kak Red because it:
– Promotes stronger blood circulation
– Prevents the onset of near sightedness
– helps to reduce tension and fatigue
– helps to Prevent eye bags and wrinkles around the eyes

Wah. Prevent eye bags and wrinkles around the eyes? Can I have it as well? It would be extra bonus if this eye massager has the function like Cyclops’ (the X-men, not the Greek’s myth) eyes, will make a good weapon for people who ogles me, innit?
cyclops xmen

Oh cyclops, why are you so handsome??

Motif permainan telefon berkarat

Pernah main permainan ni?

Di mana orang paling awal akan menerima mesej, dan perlu menyampaikan mesej secara berbisik, sehingga ke giliran orang terakhir.

Aku bermain permainan tersebut, sewaktu aktiviti kokurikulum di sekolah, Sabtu lalu. 2 round, they didn’t deliever the message correctly.

Motif? News, info, gossips that we passed around, orally, usually incorrect. It tends to be added with extra spices, thrills, and controversial, or usually edited with some omission of important details and plots. Samasa tokok tambah, atau cerita yang telah dipotong2. Selalunya versi pertama masih dapat mengekalkan versi asal, tapi bila dah pass around kat orang ke lima, ke enam, selalunya makin jadi pendek dan akan menimbulkan misunderstanding. Selalunya cerita tak lengkap lah. Boleh jadi fitnah. Tambahan zaman sekarang zaman kiasu. Ada je orang yang nak menjatuhkan kita. Ada je orang yang dengki dengan kelebihan kita. Biase le tu.

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