Pink October

This month is about pink ribbon, pink blusher, pink external hard drive and more pink stuffs. Nah. It is about Breast Cancer Awareness month. October is the month where massive global campaign about breast cancer is being done in the whole wide world. The message is one: early detection saves lives.

Estee Lauder is the biggest campaigner and there are some major cosmetic brand follow Estee Lauder’s act like Bobbi Brown, Aramis, Clinique, Donna Karan Cosmetics, La Mer, Origins, Sean John Fragrances and Tommy Hilfiger Toileteries. (More on

In Malaysia, this noble act is supported by Breast Cancer Welfare Association (BCWA), Cancer Research Initiatives Foundation (CARIF), The National Cancer Society of Malaysia (MAKNA–who provides free and subsidised mammogram screenings) and College of Radiology Malaysia.

The make-up is brought to you by Estee Lauder.

Here’s what we can do to lead a healthy lifestyle and delay the cancer:

  1. Get screened–and consult your doctor how frequent you should have it done.
  2. Check yourself regularly (breast self-exam) and report any changes to your doctor.
  3. Eat more vegetables and and fruits. Their fiber, antioxidants and other nutrients can help.
  4. Work out. Yoga. Go to gym. Involve in sports. Do whatever you love (in my case, I love the muscle-churning Pilates).
  5. Watch the scale. Extra weight=extra risk.
  6. Do not ever think of smoking. Do quit.
  7. Drink less and live more.

Similar information can be retrieved from Estee Lauder and participating brands counters. They also provide pink ribbons, for free! Remember, live healthily and wear pink ribbon!

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