My sayang~

He always kissed me when I asked him to. Very bratty. Very fussy and posh. Oh, picky as well. He only eat north Atlantic prawns and Whiskas. He comes to me with his shining eyes and soft purr, asking for attention. But, I love him so much. A darling to everyone (except to those who are allergic to cat or animal). I think I’ll miss him when I go back to Malaysia. =( Beethoven Ford

2 thoughts on “My sayang~

  1. kucing ke? huhu.. kat sini ada kucing kesygnan nama poppy..tapi dh ilang ke mane..dulu senior bela..pastu jaime..skrg dh xde..

    slmt berhijrah ke wordpress.. nnt akan ku tukar link mu ituh 😉

  2. yes. a kucing it is. but pity him, he has no balls. been castrated by his owner. huu~ tp manja amat tau dia ni…

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