Life and death (and life after death)

Assalamualaikum (peace to be upon you). Sometimes I wonder, what are they (orang putih, non-muslims) thought of death? I do not have the answer as I haven’t ask them as well. I watched ‘A nightmare on the Elm street‘ (all of them) and ‘Grey’s Anatomy‘ (until season 3). Firstly, my opinion on the horror movie is, people are scared to die. Same as well to my favourite medic drama. They think that they have so much to do in this world. Not prepared to leave this world yet. That’s why the horror movie is a hot selling pancake.

Let’s analyse ‘A nightmare on the Elm street‘. It is a movie (it has comics as well), on how people beat a ghost, or entity, or monster, or dead people (OK, I really don’t know what Freddy Krueger ‘is’). They are afraid to fall asleep in case they die in sleep. They are afraid their friends get killed as well and the movie is full of disgusting things and oozy blood. Lots of blood. O yeah, screeching scream as well. Gosh. I have to turn the volume down whenever there’s a screaming scene. My eardrums hurts. Gosh! Can’t they sell DVD that is for people who have sensitive eardrums? Right. Back to the point, all I want to say is, people are afraid to die and try to avoid things, places, that are risky. I still remember what my ustadh asked us during a program:

Ustadh: Who wants to die?

Us: Don’t want!! (nobody hands up)

Ustadh: Who wants to enter the heaven?

Us: Want!! (everyone is excited)

Ustadh: Laaa (Malay’s prefix) if you are afraid to die, how on earth you can enter the heaven?

Us: (laughing at ourselves).

So, why are we afraid to die? Do we know what’s the point of living on this earth? Just to ensure world peace? Ensure we (and other people around us) happy? Gaining fame and wealth? If we do not have purpose in this life, we will have a lifeless life. Ask yourself, what on earth am I doing here? Why am I being created? Am I afraid to die, why? What will happen to me once I die? (Do refer to the noble Quran for the answers).

You can read Harun Yahya’s writing entitled: The Truth Of The Life Of This World.


The mind of a person, worn out with age, is occupied with many questions. These are actually important questions to consider and answering them truthfully is essential to understanding all aspects of life: “What is the purpose of this life that passes so quickly? Why should I remain positive with all the age-related problems I have? What will the future bring?”

The possible answers to these questions fall into two major categories: those given by people who trust Allah and those given by disbelievers who do not trust Him.

Death is a certain but to die in a good way is an honor.

May Allah bless you.

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