Proton-Muslim car

WARNING: I am not writing this to bash Proton, Muslims and their family. I am writing this because a reason, sensibility. No asked me to write and no one pay me to write, and I belong to no political organisation.

I discovered in BBC news of Proton’s ‘Muslim car’ on BBC, not in local Malaysian newspapers, last week. Then Azwan and I made fun of it. Imagining transformers and stuffs. No offence. We were just entertaining ourselves.



You can buy it from ebay for less than 20 pounds as well [click on pic].

I am not proud of Proton. Rarely I see Malaysian senior officers parade themselves in Proton. The Protons I saw here in Plymouth are nothing but a wreck running on wheels. Don’t get me started on the paintjob–it looked like it has been submerged in Clorox for days.

And then I discovered a car enthusiast’s forum website. What little pride I had for our Proton evaporated right there and then. The best comment I found is:

BY GREENVANMAN AT 11/11/07 07:46 PM

does it blow up occasionally?

Read the rest here.

Ainee: Thank you Proton. Now they have new idea for terrorist joke.

So tell me, this is not another white elephant project which will be self-destructed after some time, just like the RM4.5 millions Perak State Park Corporation administrative building.

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8 thoughts on “Proton-Muslim car

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  2. It’s quite unfair because the ebay auction linked to your pic is for the car lighter. Most of the Protons we see on the UK roads are more than 7 years old and it’s a wonder they are running at all.

    I have been a Proton supporter for quite sometime and when I first arrived here in the UK, I was offered a 1998 WIra for £600 but I bought a 1998 Ford Escort instead for £100 more .

    Had enough of driving Proton cars 😉

  3. uncle Adam: those ministers should have a heart like you. oh, the cheapest one that i saw on eBay cost about 100 something after 6 bids (item sale end soon). my question: is the proton car quality standard is satisfying like other Japanese car?

    PS: my muscles were hardened when I handled my dad’s proton saga’s steering.

  4. I didn’t see any relevance for Proton to develop so called ‘Islamic car’. It may just another hype for Proton to gain international market share after failed miserably in our own Tanah Kita.

    Compass pointed to Mecca? Compartment to put Al-Quran, Sajadah and prayer’s scarf?

    I’d rather spend two digits figure to equip all those thing in my car. Mecca compass = RM 10, compartment , just tuck everything in a backpack and you’re ready to go.

    Well Proton, with your insane and ridiculous price for your car. I wish this so called ‘Islamic car’ better be transformed to mosque or musolla every Subuh to Subuh like Transformers.

  5. Malaysians should aim for quality. I know it’s not impossible for us to be like Japan, a proud car producer. But we have to work harder innit?

    Not another couple of billion ringgit wasted on new proton I hope.
    Plus, to make people perform their prayers, is not just by cars. It’s the heart that matters.

  6. Haha boleh ubah jadi masjid. PROTON ROLL OUT. kuw kuw kuw kuw. Poof. Siap Surau. Ambik wuduk pakai air radiator ke? Fuh hangat.

  7. yasir: hebat juga idea tu. kalau projek ni menjadi, lepas ni time maghrib (dan waktu lain juga), insya allah kita dapat tengok orang solat tepi highway. penuh emergency lane.

  8. Sorry to comment again but my sources tell me that the idea came from the Iranians. If they want those features, why not?

    It’s all a marketing gimmick and it might work.

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