Tonight I helped akak kemas her stuffs which will …

Tonight I helped akak kemas her stuffs which will be shipped to Malaysia. Whew, now i believe her utmost quotation:

Do not touch. Messiness is a sign of genius. Tidying up could impact negatively on my mental development.

So, I learned that if you want to move out, make sure there are enough bin bags, so that you won’t run out of any while you’re trying to get of the unwanted stuffs. I don’t know. I can’t think too. Haih. Glad for the good news akak. I’m going to miss your presence too. All you have to do now is prepare mentally for the worse and worst of IPBA. Jetlag, everything-is-broken hostel and _____________ (can’t think the appropiate adjective) IPBA’s HEP (Student affair department). OK. OK. 2 am now actually. Time to go to sleep. Selamat berkemas ek akak. Sorry can’t help you to the end.

Guess what, it really gave a negative impact on my mind. Huhuh. Need to write about my itenerary actually.

3 thoughts on “Tonight I helped akak kemas her stuffs which will …

  1. i am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo going to miss u!!! actually i miss u oredi baby…=(

    sayang, take care ok? love u sooo much!!!

  2. i miss akak too

    farah; it is well said innit? aftewr the kakaks pack up their things and tidy up, their mental are simply disorganised. im dead serious. tiding up could affect your senses. hahah.

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