Vote for Leona Lewis

She’s the perfect choice for X factor. I can’t find bad thing about her.

– She has the vocal quality, perhaps the next Mariah Carey.
-She’s awesomely beautiful physically, and have a beautiful heart.
-She turns the song to her own version, 

Even judges said:

Sharon: ‘Leona is very special, very, very special.’

Simon: ‘She has consistently, for me, been the best vocalist across the live shows.’

‘It is very easy for everyone just to assume, after seeing her over the last few weeks, that her place in the Final was a certainty, but it hasn’t because she hasn’t had the confidence.”

Louis: ‘If Leona has one weakness it is that she doesn’t realise just how good she is.’

Simon: ‘Leona wants to win this competition and now the winning post is in sight.

‘This is the week when she has to give a performance of a lifetime.’

OK people. I have faith in her. She’s going to make it bigger than Journey South.
All the best Leona. Please, win this year’s. 

If you want to vote for her, 3 ways you can do it:

1) Call: 0901 61 61 101
2) Text: Vote Leona to 83322
3) Sky Interactive: If you have Sky you can vote for Leona by pressing the Red Button on your remote.

Leona’s Myspace
Leona Lewis[dot]net

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