Winter trip 2006 (UK South West)

Didn’t managed to get from London, so we join from MARJON and will continue till Coventry. Today, went to Land’s end. Bloody cold. Even the most popular sign post (land’s ends trade mark it has become) was unavailable for today, since extreme weather. But the sunset was really nice. The ships look like suspend in between the cloud and the sea. Subhanallah. and it’s Christopher Columbus’ voyage which proves that the world is not flat.

Moral of the day: wear socks and don’t be so stubborn yah ainee.

Tomorrow, will be leaving MARJON in the morning, moving to Bath, then Bristol. On Friday morning insya Allah will continue the journey to Cardiff, then straight to Coventry, for the biggest event for Malaysian Muslim in UK. Heheh. Can’t wait for it. Kak eQin says “best~~”.

So, will write entry if I have time, and opportunity. Insya Allah.

Read here for more details on Winter Retreat 2006.
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2 thoughts on “Winter trip 2006 (UK South West)

  1. So you are coming over to Coventry. I didn’t even hear about the event. Have to check it out.

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