A written entry

This is a pdf file (download by clicking the entry title). You need to have Adobe Reader in order to read it. It’s about how Ainee can survive without electricity, when Marjon had power cut for the first time. Everything was down including emergency call. Even the security doesn’t have any clue. And now Ainee regrets of not hijacking Marjon’s ATM machine. If she does, she’ll be damn rich yet happy. Heheh.

*Thanks to Adam. he taught me bout the labels.


4 thoughts on “A written entry

  1. aaaa ainee!!! u got to teach me how to do that!!! huhu…akak bending electric kang..terus blackout lagi..

    i am a fire bender now! =P

  2. eheh. bending la. bkn lame sgt lg akak nk bending sy. ikikik. see, akak is so garang, how can a princess b so garang like her. argh~ (ainee’s hair being pulled and being bullied~aaargh~) 😛

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