o christmas season

Hi all! I know I should do my assignment right now. But I just can’t. Very much in christmas mood right now. Hohoho!! Just coming back from our small but wicked christmas party for collective voices. Got some mince pies to bring home too! LOL. Anyways, I got 4 christmas card already! =P

Oyeah, and one from Margaret, for all house 20 girls. So, can I count that to five? Thee hee.

Everything bad will come to an end. Hahah. Hope that I’ll have good time soon.

K lah people. Miss this blog actually. Going to write soon. Keep your fingers crossed! O yeah, visit pr3tthych3rry’s blog, to bid her farewell. She’s going home soon.


here’s a nice guy singing a nice song 😉

OK! Need to do my assignment now!! T_T

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