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Peace to be upon you all (assalamualaikum). Haven’t write for quite a long time. Alhamdulillah, we arrived in Southampton, safely, within estimated time.

Had a good time in Coventry Winter Retreat. Although Coventry Muslim Centre is not as lavish and comfortable as other places, but it leaves an unforgettable memory. On the last night of the programme, I shed tears, departing with friends whom I just know for few days, but feels like knowing them for quite a long time. I really feel the sweetness of ukhwah fillah. Meeting and seperating in the name of Allah. It was really really sweet, something that you rarely get in your life. Imagine, you chatted, met for few hours, in days, then suddenly you become friends for life, even afterlife. How’s that? Masya Allah. I hope Allah choose me again to be in his heaven garden (meaning knowledge event).

Tomorrow I’m going to send my kakaks at Heathrow airport terminal 3. I hope we’ll make it in time insya Allah. Dear Allah, please make me strong. Ganbaremasu.

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2 thoughts on “Blogging escapism

  1. assalamu’alaikum wbt…

    alhamdulillah…i’m glad you enjoyed winter retreat….also glad you feel the sweetness of ukhuwwah fillah…semoga Allah sentiasa tautkan hati2 kita semata-mata keranaNya…ameen…

  2. baby…sorry u missed me!!! i didnt know… if i were to know i would have waited…:( mish u babe!!!! take care dear!

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