An invitation for bloggers

Dearest blogospheres,

I wanted to let you know about an important online event I’m taking part in on October 15th, called Blog Action Day. Each year bloggers from more than 100 countries come together and blog about a single important issue, and this year’s topic is clean water. The event includes thousands of blogs – including the White House blog and The Official Google Blog – and they’re looking for as many blogs to participate as possible, regardless of their size and focus.

UNICEF and Prime Minister calls for Kiwis to appreciate the value of clean water on World Water Day

I hope you’ll think about joining me for this event. If you want more information, check out the Blog Action Day site at

Hope to see your post on the 15th!


Online invitation

Salam and hello all. I have sent a few cards to the people who had sent me their addresses. Some addresses that I got late, will be posted around next week. I have sent some invitation on facebook as well, tapi in the end, my jari was so penat. Moreover my short trip to perak is because I want to meet Pakya (the Muslim’s marriage wedding registrar in my place). Hence, I decided to post it online.

Dearest lovely people that have walked into my life, I would like to share the most awaited moment in my life. I would like to invite you to my wedding, via this website:

To end this entry, I would like to insert a beautiful quotation from the noble Quran.

“ Dan diantara tanda-tanda(kebesaran)Nya ilah Dia menciptakan pasangan-pasangan untukmu dari jenismu sendiri,agar kamu cenderung dan berasa temteram kepadanya.Dan menjadikan diantaramu rasa kasih dan sayang”. (QS anRuum:21)

More to be read at:

Mudahan Allah memudahkan urusan pernikahan kami. Amin.

Early invitation

Honestly, I’m feeling stress doing the preparation for the wedding. There are million things to do, so little time. With tonnes of workload at school, how can I cope it? With loadsa help from some lovely people. That’s how I maintain my sanity. To this date, the card haven’t been printed. I want it to be printed before raya, so that I can give it to my sedara mara yang hanya datang rumah pada hari raya. Need to take their phone number as well, to remind them again in December. Anyways, this is a hint of wedding card. Continue reading


Al-fatihah untuk Mohd Afiq bin Badrin.

Pemergiannya pada 15 April 2009 telah ditangisi ramai. Semoga kebaikan  Allahyarham dapat diteladani oleh kita yang masih hidup ini. Dan aku sendiri dapat menyaksikan bahawa Allah lebih menyayangi hamba-hambanya yang baik. Dan aku amat merindui kebaikan itu.

Kepada rakan-rakannya yang berada di SMKA Sultan Azlan Shah, seandainya allahyarham pernah ada buat salah dan silap, saya memohon agar maafkanlah beliau. Andai ada terhutang, tuntutlah daripada kami ahli keluarga. Akhir sekali, sedekahkanlah al-Fatihah buat roh beliau. Juga, terima kasih diucapkan kerana menyempurnakan solat jenazah ghaib dari sekolah. Hanya Allah saja yang dapat membalas jasa kalian.

Semoga Allah cucuri rahmat ke atasnya. Amin.

Malaysian Dreamgirl 2

The opportunity to be a model is back again. The one that made Hanis Zalikha famous. Ehehehe. Well, last time I don’t like the jury (Sazzy Falak). Luckily in the second season, she’s not in anymore. Oh, the last season’s contestant, had made the show became Malaysian Dreamgirlbitch. Aih. It’s all about winning a Latio and money.

Well friends, if you think you are cun giler and have what it takes to be a model (tall, slim, slender, blah3), so go to a walk-in auditions in: Continue reading

Malaysian Babe: New beauty saloon


Two very professional & skilled beauticians have come together a create a gorgeous beauty saloon for women providing the above services (and more to come, heard jacuzzi is on the blueprint!),. They will be using NuSkin and other products. The saloon is named Hitsuyou Beauty Saloon and is located at 20-2, Jalan PJU5/10, Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara. They will have the opening on this coming Sunday, 7 December, 2008 (from 9am-5pm) and will have refreshments, fantastic door gifts, promotions (like, below RM50 for facial or makeup application) and cash vouchers on a first come first serve basis. Please feel free to email me at: [email protected] to confirm your attendance or if you have any questions to ask me or them.

From: Sofea


MAC provides vibrant colours for makeup. I looked at their Halloween’s makeup and I was like, “wow! what a brilliant makeup effect! Looks like a makeup for a film!”. I see MAC’s passion in makeup, and beauty.

This time, MAC is launching holiday colour collection, all over Klang valley. Check out these pictures and links. Be prepared to be mesmerized with the variety of red colour, the symbol for braveness, sexy, pride and luxury. Uhh…femininity.

Continue reading

Cheap sale! Spirulina and Vit C

This is not spam and I am really selling to anyone who wants it because the product does not suit me because I had dehydration and spirulina is a kind of product that requires one to drink a lot in order to flush the toxin. Ok, well, I admit that I did an impulsive shopping and I feel regret of it. I only consume some of it. Bought it on 30th of April.  Elken Spirulina 490+ tablets. Elken Vitamin C 90+ tablets. I can show you the receipt if you want, to show you the date that I bought it and the price that I paid for it.

spirulina vitamin c

Email me: eyekneekawai[at]gmail[dot]com