B.Ed TESL finally~

My friends find it weird. I did not get the first class degree but I am in ultimate happiness. I don’t know where it comes from. But I would like to express my gratitude to god for enabling me to get through thick and thin of my study years. Alhamdulillah.

I have finished my study officially alhamdulillah. Couldn’t wait for my graduation day. And I’ve celebrated it with my friends at Tupai Tupai in Jalan Bellamy, KL.

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4 thoughts on “B.Ed TESL finally~

  1. oooooh my sis did a folio/paper on that place – it sounded great, i shud knw since i edited her paper before she turned it in haha

    congrats – u knw the best thing abt finishing studying, is that you finished it. it seemed hard before, and now that its ending, you feel this sad, almost nostalgic feeling abt the whole thing. The next thing – work, is gonna be scary, but knowing you, i know youre gonna be able to pull it off, juz like u did w your B. Ed. Nobody cares abt ur first class or 2nd class degree, coz once u start working, its the quality of ur work dat matters. Ppl dont look at ur paper qualifications as much, not if u produce real shit work.

    g luck, let me knw where u get posted eh. if around JB next yr leh ronggeng hehe

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