Clinique Superdefense – Age defense moisturizer

What stresses me?

Workload, boring lectures, unhealthy skin, wrinkles, lack of sleep, internet disconnection, people who have issue with my weight, noisy school children, insufficient happy hormone supplement.

How do I deal with stress?

Shopping, food binging, television shows that are funny, outing with girlfriends, movie marathon, singing out loud, drawing, blogging, talk for hours on the phone.

What is my ideal-stress-free day?

Going out with friends and family, a holiday in beach, a day at a spa, a sponsored shopping. Heheh. 😛

Stress makes anyone have wrinkles, weak immune system, unstable emotion and bad skin. Introducing, Clinique’s new Superdefense SPF Age Defense Moisturizer

Skin’s most complete defense against the visible signs of aging in a daily moisturizer. Arms it to fight the visible-effects of emotional stress—which research confirms can damage skin with effects much like sun and pollution. Helps neutralize UVA and UVB. Keeps skin looking better, longer. Source:

Do you remember the famous papparazi’s shot of Hellen Mirren in a swimming suit? The one that makes me so embarrassed with a 63 years old lady. Her skin is fabulous and her body does not match her age. The secrets are workouts (she does loads of swimming) and good moisturizers (particularly Crème de la Mer).

Since I am looking for moisturizer (my body shop Vitamin E moisturizer is almost out), I think I should consider buying these. Remember to consult the beautician which products suits your skin. Another tip, if the product has a sample, try it on first before you purchase the product. Especially when you have sensitive skin. However, Clinique is a dermatology expert. Their products are labeled as ‘allergy tested’ and 100% fragrance free. So, say “kbai” to wrinkle skin.

4 thoughts on “Clinique Superdefense – Age defense moisturizer

  1. Hellen Mirren has like shitload of mney, hence she can afford using the La Mer cream, dearie. I read once the daughter or granddaughter of Lauder use la Mer on her feet, ok? like, imagine how much mney THAT girl has lol

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