Pride night: MARJON’s event

Eventhough I am in Malaysia but I still receive my president’s (student union) note from Facebook. This time, I lough out lod (LOL) when I read the announcement.
So, this is the announcement that makes me laugh out loud.


Tomorrow night (wed) is pride night in Aid of World Aids Day and also running as part of Diversity Month. Its Going to be a great night, £2 entry, Selected Shots £1.50 We also have Daisy Chainsaw a drag act to perform for you.

It doesnt matter whether you are straight, Gay, Bi-sexual, Lesbian, Transgender etc…
…You are all welcome. Its a night to feel proud of your sexuality.

Dress code…BRIGHT!!
Check out the group:
See you there,

SU President

See, I am amused too reading this announcement. If I were there, I wonder what would I wear to show my sexuality. Pussycat doll outfit perhaps?

Oh, whatever Plymouth has become.
Great pride for a great AIDS campaign eh? Haih la. Rosak2….

4 thoughts on “Pride night: MARJON’s event

  1. aih k.eni.apa punya mail la u dapat ni.aish aish.rosak mata i~ ;p
    btw, u ada surat dr hsbcn i private letter from i dunno who.haha

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