Back to civilisation

Background information: I went to XXX in Kelantan and I think it’s not a good XXX course compared to the previous one that I had in Melaka. Lacks in many aspects. Finally, I’ve rejoined the world and human civilisation. After long hours of travelling, I feel so good to be back in KL. Oh, it’s so nice.

  1. It’s nice to eat good decent food. Real food.
  2. It’s nice to be in my comfortable bed. NO mosquitoes and scary insects or centipedes.
  3. It’s nice when I don’t have to follow other’s schedule anymore.
  4. It’s nice to have the freedom of getting loads of information on the internet.
  5. It’s nice to use my handphone after 5 days and I used it till my battery went flat.
  6. It’s nice to listen to my bofren’s voice again.
  7. It’s nice to write an entry for my blog.
  8. It’s nice to get freedom of thinking and speech.
  9. It’s nice to be able to shower with clean water and sing happily in it.
  10. It’s nice to go back to my hometown.

5 thoughts on “Back to civilisation

  1. I agree that this course was better…
    I actually learned a lot & found the teaching methods to be really well-developed to help us relate to what they wanted to say!

    Let me also add to your list:
    11. Nice to not be psychoed at every turn
    12. Nice to not have a perverted facilitator eyeing your friends & telling dirty jokes

  2. koko: Thanks for adding the reasons. I agree to number 11. We just want a new way. A new Malaysia. Just like the new America. Right?

    Aisyah: Ahahaha… thank you for highlighting that out…I cannot use my handphone over there you know. *sigh*

    Zahirah: datang la lagi! Haha.

  3. i’m soooo happy if bpg send you somewhere in rural Sabahan….hahahaha…..hours of travelling with 4wd, sampan and walking b4 reaching to school….

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