Funny but bersih

Probably next month’s DiGi advertisement, they don’t need to find new ideas and models.

I heard they ban yellow wardrobe for the day. What if for the people who are working for DiGi ek? Kena tangkap sekali tak?

I wonder what will happen to people who are wearing Perak, Kedah, and Selangor’s jersey. (Is there any other state FC that got yellow on their jerseys?)

For the pengantin (newly weds) who have YELLOW as their theme, do you mind to caruk your experience here?

What will happen to blondes weih? I cuak nieh.

Daulat tuanku! Heheh. ^_^

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PMS 07, be there or be square.

Orang UK get ready!! This winter you will be warmed with the true bondness (ukhwah). The same event I attended last year is still fresh in my memory. It was the best gathering ever. Since I never have a sister, I don’t know how it feels like. But when I went to PMS in Coventry, there are so many nice sisters and care of us. Doctors are always available during the time. Offering us medicines, advice and comfort. I miss the time I had and I am here to invite my brothers and sisters to winter gathering at Loughborough, this winter.