Kos Persediaan Berpantang Bersalin

Ibu dan bapa ada masa 9 bulan untuk persediaan menyambut bayi yang bakal tiba. Mari kita lihat berapa julat kos persediaan berpantang bersalin untuk si ibu. Saya pasti ramai yang mampu fikir barangan bayi namun untuk barangan merapikan penjagaan kesihatan ibu, berapakah kos sebenar.

  1.  Mak Bidan/ Urut: RM150-RM350. Dulu Opah Siah sediakan ubat makan, barang berpantang dan sebagainya. Selalunya RM150 utk urut sahaja dalam masa 3 hari. Sehari RM50. Tapi sekarang Mak Urut kita dah naik harga. RM70. Fuhh. Mak urut VIP gitu.
  2. Bengkung: Ada pelbagai jenis bengkung. Kalau nak buat sendiri, kosnya dalam RM120. Beli kain belacu ikut panjang yang kita nak dan upah jahit RM30. My tailor jahit dua lapis supaya tahan lebih lama. Takpelah panas sikit. Ada yang ikat zigzag hanya RM50.
  3. Set bersalin: Ada banyak jenis. he most recommended is Nona Roguy or Amway punya set bersalin. Harga antara RM350-RM280. Bilangan pil ikut berapa hari kita nak makan. Yang paling murah utk stok 30 hari.
  4. Kain batik RM30-RM100: Kalau nak batik jenis selesa, belilah yang mahal sikit. Kalau rasa tanak selesa, belilah yg ala plastik macam jual kat Mydin tu. Ada orang nak pakai seluar. Tapi make sure after dah sembuh luka episotomy. Jalan pun kena elok je takut urat kaki cepat kebas bila dah habis pantang.
  5. Makanan: Selalunya ibu makan ikan mahal. Ikan merah, ikan bawal putih. Ikan yang tak gatal. Kalau ayam pun kena beli ayam kampung or ayam hitam. Kurma cina la. Habbatus sauda la. Kalau minum air akar Nona Roguy kena minum dengan madu. Kalau madu ori, bukan nya murah. Biskut utk snek petang dan pagi. Kalau tengok harga  menu berpantang kat mangkuk tingkat.com adalah dalam RM30 sehari.
  6. Penjagaan badan: Mandian herba RM30 utk sebulan. Satu uncang boleh pakai beberapa hari. Dry shampoo RM15. Sanitary pad RM 30-50 (ikut jenama) untuk 40 hari. Stokin winter kat Daiso, 5 pasang RM25. Garam untuk cuci luka RM3.
  7. Spa penjagaan diri: This one, up to your budget. Antara benda yang korang boleh splurge masa dalam pantang untuk kesihatan dalaman dan luaran adalah: scrub badan (terutama ketiak dan leher yang gelap semasa hamil), skincare yang pelabagai jenama di pasaran–masker, tungku elektrik, bantal leher, eye masks (mak yang baru melahirkan memang tak cukup tidur kan), air mawar, daun pandan untuk dibuat mandi, mengurangkan bau badan.
  8. Corset–jangan pilih yang keras macam Hai-O yang ada dawai tuh. I had learnt my lesson. Kesian kulit perut luka sebab kulit pregnancy masih lendut tapi nak paksa shape macam model. It’s not natural. Pakai je yang selesa and fabric yang breathable dan tak berdawai. After all, that’s our main goal lepas pantang kan? To get back into the shape pre-pregnancy.
  9. Nursing bra- You may splurge to buy the Autumn’s brand. I had my lesson that the shape isn’t that nice an it costs too much but in the mean time, the bra isn’t that appealing and tough (I use my washing machine, thank you very much!) but remember, if you are under budget, just buy from Avon. A bra without the wire. Selesa dan menjimatkan duit.
  10. Entertainment–Masa dalam pantang takleh baca buku sangat and tengok TV sangat sebab urat mata tu dah bekerja keras waktu meneran. Aku dulu degil tak dengar cakap akak senior, gatal main whatsapp melayan kawan2 yg dalam pantang jugak. Bila dah start nak drive and kerjaa, memang laa my eyesight dah makin rabun dan pemandangan makin kabur. So keep yourself entertained dengan dengar radio, dengar audio book ke, atau sembang dengan jiran sebelah. Call jelah. Jangan laa kedekut kredit sangat. Kredit habis takpe. Mata rabun, lagi mahal kosnya.

Taken from theasianparent.com


My 5 parenting shortcuts

1-Subscribe to baby centre emails: once you have, you will be automatically updated according to your children’s milestones. Questions like: What to expect?  what to do with a particular problem? What can I do to help my children’s growth?  –may be found from the website as the articles are written by paediatrics and child experts. Plus, I get good neutral advices. So, it’s entirely up to me to pick and choose.

2-good day care: I was surprised to find my child started to take ablution,  bathe himself, being independent around the house. There is no place where he can be educated as such but a good day care I’ve sent him to. Alhamdulillah for that. May Allah rewards his ummi and staff for this.
3-good books with good price: parents have to read beforehand. I have to admit I exposed my firstborn to the TV at an early age. And now he’s addicted to it. I tried my best to divert his attention to books. I involved him during purchase. The first book that he chose was “My first 50 animals” illustrated by Garry Fleming. Found it on sale at Borders Pavillion. He still flips it whenever he sees it.

4-Upin & Ipin: it was a mistake.  Hypp TV was having a promo for Upin &Ipin and Fahmi saw it and liked it instantly. He can sit for an hour. i should not let the tv babysit my child.  I know. Am totally guilty. On the bright side, it’s gives him good listening comprehension and entertainment. Now he’s hooked up with Bola Kampung. Haih…
5-wake early,  sleep early: with irfan he is trained to sleep before 8. It’s good for the brain. In developed countries shopping malls are closed before 9. Late night Christmas shopping is only extended until 10. I was surprised to see families brought small children at Danga Bay at 1 am. Seriously?!

Now Fahmi follows our sleep routine too since he has no one to play with. Last time he went to sleep at 12am. Young children needs early  sleep as it is good for their immune system and brain focus. Lack of it may lead to autism. Read more about Melatonin focusing on human and young children.

Lastly, if you disagree with my list of parenting shortcuts, I think you won’t disagree with this one. Mother needs to do a lot of prayers and good deeds. It may help you to be a better parent. Better children? Leave it to Allah. Do your best as a parent first. Do not expect much. Give more.

Klinik kerajaan vs klinik swasta

To be honest, for maternity checkup  I went to both.
Klinik kerajaan: kemudahan makmal terkini dan pemeriksaan adalah menyeluruh. Example, hb count, urine test, etc. All was done in a day. I would like to congratulate staff at Klinik kesihatan larkin and kempas for doing efficient work. At the same time I went for specialist check up with gynae dr rajesh at Columbia Asia Nusajaya Hospital. He asked me about my hb count and monitor me till my baby delivery. Nurses at klinik kesihatan are very concerned about our health. VERY concerned to the extent they want to make sure there is not much complication during my pregnancy. A specialist doctor would never do a nurse’s job. He only butts in when there’s special case. so i prefer both clinics. Private and government. Kalau kat hospital private pun kalau ramai patients kena tunggu juga… doa la banyak2 there won’t be much complications during pregnancy. Just my two cents.

Case Study of cyst

I am not eligible to write a medical journal but this is my own case study and I put it up on the Internet in case any individual can find benefit with it. I was diagnosed with cyst when I knew about my first pregnancy. Back then the size wasn’t a worry. It was 3.3 x 3.6 centimeters. It was a pain when I carry my first pregnancy and then I had follow up with specialist for 3 months and the size was stagnant. Then I had my second pregnancy and my gynae could not see it much due to the growing uterus. 4 months (my appointment is on the third month and I was a month late) after delivery I had my pap smear done and also ultrasound scan. I was surprised to see the cyst size has doubled to 6.82 x 5.18 centimeters. Then I understand why I had pain sometimes on my lower left abdomen. My gynae had seen the worst cases and his main concerns are: 1- twisted cyst which can cause quite painful pain 2- hemorrhage 3- puss 4- rupture 5- cancer (rare case but it happens) Hence I have been given 10 days grace period before I get my pap smear test results and see him again for the decision. He told me that I can remove it using scarless and almost painless procedure. My specialist gynae has certificate in minor invasive surgery from India. He said there are many benefits of this procedure. Patients would not be cut open but only small cut needed from belly button. Less cost as patients does not have to stay long in ward. Not much medicine. I have another option which is suggested by a confinement lady in Penang. http://iceblessedbeauty.blogspot.com/?m=1 I have to work hard for 10 days and use herbal medicine to shrink the size of the cyst. So now I am planning my diet and taking medicinal herbs and doing bertangas kering.


May Allah ease my case and I hope I will not have to do the surgery although he is the best gynae in jb and his procedure is the best because… I have to take 2 weeks leave and I pity irfan because he is fully breastfeed.

Pengalaman bersalin di Hospital Columbia Asia Nusajaya

Macam mana mula kenal hospital ni ek? Hospital ni paling dekat dengan rumah. Mulanya doktor kerajaan yg suggest pergi sini sbb sini lg canggih ultra sound machine nya. Gynae yg dicadangkan ialah Dr. RAJESH. Orangnya kelakar. Professional. Mula datang dengan husband. Dia explain everything is good etc. Check dgn dr RAJESH ni kadang2 je. Selalu check up dengan klinik kesihatan larkin. Servis mmg pantas. Dekat dgn sekolah pula tu.

So about the hospital, it is new. Very nice interior and architecture. Nicer than puteri n KPJ Abdul Samad. Macam masuk hotel. Uniform staff memang lawa.

Labour room dia simple. Maybe sebab i dpt bersalin normal. Ada tempat letak kaki. Dulu masa beranak fahmi atas katil je. Koyak perinium weh. Atas siling ada arah kiblat utk bapa2 yg nk azankan bayi sebaik saja lepas lahir. Suami boleh masuk kalau xde komplikasi. Omar siap jd assistant lg. Haha.

Wad dia xde la ngeri sgt rupanya. Dari luar nmpk gelap n isolated. But i got a room mate. Also a teacher who had Caesar a day before I deliver. The bathroom is clean. The nurse will accompany u to the toilet n help u necessarily. 

What i like the most is the price.  Tak mahal mcm private hospital yg lain. For normal delivery, 2.5K sahaja. Bil ibu dan anak. Kalau Caesar baru 3.5k. Sbb tdo lebih kat hospital. 

I really like dr rajesh because he wanted me to have the normal delivery. No drug at all. No pain killer. Very supportive and cheerful. I should send him flowers kan?

Paediatric pun x mahal mcm pakar puteri. Pakar puteri rm 200. Patut laa derg doktor melayu gaji sebulan rm300k. Hospital ni yg plg kaya dr teh. Patient dia mmg beratoq. About my paed, Dr rohaizad mmg pandai layan fahmi yg banyak ragam kalau time sakit. Tadi kena charge 70 for ubat n 40 for consultation. Will see how it goes. May Fahmi gets better soon. Ameen.

Of beranakkan Fahmi

Entry dah lama diperam macam pekasam. Mula2 tu takut nak publish, in case too gory and bloody. But then I read it again today, and I decided to share my experience with whoever read this. Anyways, enjoy the ‘basi’ entry!


Ok, nak sambung entry lepas la ni. Ceritera pada pagi tahun baru, BP tinggi. Sekarang ni kena berjaga-jaga kalau BP tinggi. Bimbang ada pre-eclampsia. Ramai yang dah terberanak awal. Maksudnya, extra care for the baby and extra worry sampai baby tu besar. Alhamdulillah masa tu dah minggu ke 37, asyik 3 cm je. Sakitnya kerap2 tapi jalan lambat  sikit nak bukak. Kalau 4cm derang terus hantar labour room. FYI, orang nak beranak it’s either one of these: jalan dah bukak 4cm atau air mentuban pecah.

Taken from anisthebumblebee.blogspot.com

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I’m not a lazy blogger

I used to write a post per week. Ever since I started my job, God knows how fatigue I am. I am not fit, more stressed and less productive. After I got married, my husband advised me to be more energetic. Unlike him, I can’t rely on caffeine to make me feel like an energizer bunny. So I did walking up and down the stairs, shopping (the best exercise on earth) and try not to get evening sleep. Result: Shed some weight, feel a bit happy and glowy. Continue reading