Klinik kerajaan vs klinik swasta

To be honest, for maternity checkup  I went to both.
Klinik kerajaan: kemudahan makmal terkini dan pemeriksaan adalah menyeluruh. Example, hb count, urine test, etc. All was done in a day. I would like to congratulate staff at Klinik kesihatan larkin and kempas for doing efficient work. At the same time I went for specialist check up with gynae dr rajesh at Columbia Asia Nusajaya Hospital. He asked me about my hb count and monitor me till my baby delivery. Nurses at klinik kesihatan are very concerned about our health. VERY concerned to the extent they want to make sure there is not much complication during my pregnancy. A specialist doctor would never do a nurse’s job. He only butts in when there’s special case. so i prefer both clinics. Private and government. Kalau kat hospital private pun kalau ramai patients kena tunggu juga… doa la banyak2 there won’t be much complications during pregnancy. Just my two cents.

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