AVENT bottles

Being a mom, you always want the best for your child.When I was in baby;s ICU, I had problem feeding im directly as he was too small and I had no experience in breastfeeding. Then I manually pump the milk and give AVENT bottle to Fahmi. Surprisingly, he drank from AVENT bottle naturally. As if he drinks it directly from me.

Mums in the ward shared experience that not all babies want to drink directly from bottle. Everyone who saw me giving Fahmi the bottle commented:

“Wah, good bottle. Your baby won’t get colic much if you use that bottle”.

Alhamdulillah, Fahmi likes the bottle so much hence we had 6 AVENT bottles. I will pump at school and leave them at nanny’s house.

Recently my friend who has one-month-old son called me because she wanted to buy AVENT bottle. In JB, one can find AVENT bottle at Nusajaya area as there are many baby stuff’s shop there. If your place doesn’t have any shop that sells AVENT bottle, you can buy it online from my blog friend at bargainsfrenzy.com. She is selling limited edition of the bottles at reasonable price. For a mom-to-be and any mom, choose this bottle and avoid any hassle when breastfeeding.


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