Case Study of cyst

I am not eligible to write a medical journal but this is my own case study and I put it up on the Internet in case any individual can find benefit with it. I was diagnosed with cyst when I knew about my first pregnancy. Back then the size wasn’t a worry. It was 3.3 x 3.6 centimeters. It was a pain when I carry my first pregnancy and then I had follow up with specialist for 3 months and the size was stagnant. Then I had my second pregnancy and my gynae could not see it much due to the growing uterus. 4 months (my appointment is on the third month and I was a month late) after delivery I had my pap smear done and also ultrasound scan. I was surprised to see the cyst size has doubled to 6.82 x 5.18 centimeters. Then I understand why I had pain sometimes on my lower left abdomen. My gynae had seen the worst cases and his main concerns are: 1- twisted cyst which can cause quite painful pain 2- hemorrhage 3- puss 4- rupture 5- cancer (rare case but it happens) Hence I have been given 10 days grace period before I get my pap smear test results and see him again for the decision. He told me that I can remove it using scarless and almost painless procedure. My specialist gynae has certificate in minor invasive surgery from India. He said there are many benefits of this procedure. Patients would not be cut open but only small cut needed from belly button. Less cost as patients does not have to stay long in ward. Not much medicine. I have another option which is suggested by a confinement lady in Penang. I have to work hard for 10 days and use herbal medicine to shrink the size of the cyst. So now I am planning my diet and taking medicinal herbs and doing bertangas kering.


May Allah ease my case and I hope I will not have to do the surgery although he is the best gynae in jb and his procedure is the best because… I have to take 2 weeks leave and I pity irfan because he is fully breastfeed.

Pengalaman bersalin di Hospital Columbia Asia Nusajaya

Macam mana mula kenal hospital ni ek? Hospital ni paling dekat dengan rumah. Mulanya doktor kerajaan yg suggest pergi sini sbb sini lg canggih ultra sound machine nya. Gynae yg dicadangkan ialah Dr. RAJESH. Orangnya kelakar. Professional. Mula datang dengan husband. Dia explain everything is good etc. Check dgn dr RAJESH ni kadang2 je. Selalu check up dengan klinik kesihatan larkin. Servis mmg pantas. Dekat dgn sekolah pula tu.

So about the hospital, it is new. Very nice interior and architecture. Nicer than puteri n KPJ Abdul Samad. Macam masuk hotel. Uniform staff memang lawa.

Labour room dia simple. Maybe sebab i dpt bersalin normal. Ada tempat letak kaki. Dulu masa beranak fahmi atas katil je. Koyak perinium weh. Atas siling ada arah kiblat utk bapa2 yg nk azankan bayi sebaik saja lepas lahir. Suami boleh masuk kalau xde komplikasi. Omar siap jd assistant lg. Haha.

Wad dia xde la ngeri sgt rupanya. Dari luar nmpk gelap n isolated. But i got a room mate. Also a teacher who had Caesar a day before I deliver. The bathroom is clean. The nurse will accompany u to the toilet n help u necessarily. 

What i like the most is the price.  Tak mahal mcm private hospital yg lain. For normal delivery, 2.5K sahaja. Bil ibu dan anak. Kalau Caesar baru 3.5k. Sbb tdo lebih kat hospital. 

I really like dr rajesh because he wanted me to have the normal delivery. No drug at all. No pain killer. Very supportive and cheerful. I should send him flowers kan?

Paediatric pun x mahal mcm pakar puteri. Pakar puteri rm 200. Patut laa derg doktor melayu gaji sebulan rm300k. Hospital ni yg plg kaya dr teh. Patient dia mmg beratoq. About my paed, Dr rohaizad mmg pandai layan fahmi yg banyak ragam kalau time sakit. Tadi kena charge 70 for ubat n 40 for consultation. Will see how it goes. May Fahmi gets better soon. Ameen.

Breast is the best


Even before labour (they call it labour because it’s a darn hard work), I already plan to breastfeed my baby exclusively till he is 6 months old. As we all know, Allah created breast milk with thousands of goodness.

As Fahmi came out to this world, I quickly breastfeed him with the tiny amount of colostrum. However, not much milk Fahmi had for a few days. Pity him, we were admitted to Seri Manjung Hospital because of jaundice, at special infant care ward. I have no idea as this was my first experience and he was sleepy along the way. His good behaviour is actually dangerous. He was supposed to drink a lot, so that the yellow chemical thingy will come out( I can’t remember what’s the name).

People say it’s good and bla3 but it’s a hard work actually. I have to restrict myself from certain food and consume a good diet. And, and, I can’t miss my meal. Especially milk. Euw! Nowadays I feel numb easily as I don’t consume much milk. Baby saps the calcium and I can feel the effect on my teeth.

Maintaining good breastfeeding routine requires support from the father. My husband has been my biggest cheerleader, giving me all the support, to make sure Fahmi gets all the nutrients he needs.

As a muslimah, nursing wear is my saviour whenever I want to breastfeed in public. I get nice ones from A good nursing wear should be comfortable. Myhafsah has it. Plus, the nursing wear are stylish and affordable. It’s worth every penny. The owner replies quickly and answer any question promptly.

Besides nursing wear, I need breast pads, breast pump, breast milk storage bottles and a nice place to do breastfeeding. Although people think it looks easy to choose breastfeeding, but many factors need to be considered, such as planning when to pump breast milk at the work place, what to eat so that mother can produce enough milk supply, doing loads of laundry as the breast milk is quite smelly, and many more.
Anyhow, it doesn’t kill my spirit to do breastfeeding. May Allah give me a longer period to breastfeed my babies. So, breast is the best! Get help from local breast milk support group or surf for more info.

Of beranakkan Fahmi

Entry dah lama diperam macam pekasam. Mula2 tu takut nak publish, in case too gory and bloody. But then I read it again today, and I decided to share my experience with whoever read this. Anyways, enjoy the ‘basi’ entry!


Ok, nak sambung entry lepas la ni. Ceritera pada pagi tahun baru, BP tinggi. Sekarang ni kena berjaga-jaga kalau BP tinggi. Bimbang ada pre-eclampsia. Ramai yang dah terberanak awal. Maksudnya, extra care for the baby and extra worry sampai baby tu besar. Alhamdulillah masa tu dah minggu ke 37, asyik 3 cm je. Sakitnya kerap2 tapi jalan lambat  sikit nak bukak. Kalau 4cm derang terus hantar labour room. FYI, orang nak beranak it’s either one of these: jalan dah bukak 4cm atau air mentuban pecah.

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Of mengandungkan Fahmi

Mak kata aku mangendung teruk. Kalau nak mangandung lagi, fikir dulu banyak-banyak kali. Masa first trimester, I didn’t vomit or look as if I were pregnant. It’s just that I’m allergic to strong minyak attar smell. Selalunya orang mengandung tak larat cium bau kantin. Aku tak larat cium kejap je. Seminggu dua dah boleh terima bau kantin. First trimester, everything seems easy. Tapi, banyak appointment dengan gynae. Ni baru yang sulung.

Credit to (Pregnancy Scare)

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Berpantang kerana Allah

Suka sangat saya baca berkali-kali sebuah artikel dari majalah Anis yang dipinjam dari seorang ustazah di sekolah. Lama sangat dah pinjam. Konon nak scan agar dapat baca dan simpan dalam talian. Artikel ditulis pada Mei 2008, namun validity of the knowledge tiada tarikh luputnya.Tahukah anda, Nabi Adam A.S ialah orang pertama yang Allah ilhamkan ilmu perbidanan wanita? Berpantang juga bukan kerana siapa, tapi kerana Allah. Agar diri dirawat dan berehat, dan menjalankan ibadah dengan sempurna. Muslim yang kuat lebih disukai Allah berbanding dengan Muslim yang lemah (Siapa yang ingat Hikam ni tolong bagi version Arab nye ye).

Do you have these symptoms?

  • chesty cough
  • chest pain
  • intolerance to cold weather
  • phlegm with varieties of colours
  • sore throat
  • sometimes husky voice, sometimes tiny-helium voice
  • one month long symptoms

I have all these and my husband asked me to do self-healing. But it’s already a month and it is kind of irritating as I’m a teacher. My voice is my asset. I use my voice to do classroom control. I use my voice to deliver knowledge. I don’t know la whether it’s my eating habit, I yell too much or the weather. Dah la I don’t have umbrella in my car. Gosh. Is it just me?

Ujian HIV 2

My fiance had gone to almost ALL hospitals and Klinik Kesihatan in JB. He is running around to see his clients, meeting errands, not having time to do all these long-time procedures and he finally had his HIV test on Friday. He started his Amazing Race to-get-HIV-test-for-the-sake-of-marrying-me on Monday (28th September 2009) until Friday October 3rd. Pity him. I feel guilty taking his whole Sunday, doing shopping in Singapore. Huu (T_T)

Yesterday, when I went to Hospital Sultanah Aminah to get follow up treatment, and he wants to get HIV test (killing two birds with one stone), the staff said “All the test kit for HIV test in JB is out”.

What? Why? So the staff told him to get it from Hospital Abdul Samad. Hmm. I thought the Minister of Transportation said “We try to cut queues at the highway toll. Each person spends about 20 minutes waiting. If there are 1000 people, there will be 20 thousand minutes wasted”

The Health Ministry should have done the same as well. Trying to cut queues and serve people better. But yeah, I don’t know what’s the problem. We have talented specialists, yet we are lacking behind in hygiene and furthermore, sex education.