Various references is a need

A day before yesterday I received comment from Susan Loone that I should vary my reading. Recently found a skeleton in malaysian Government’s closet,in a blog by arifabdull
and feel so embarrassed of my own government. I never thought that the party who nationally claims want to vanish corruption, had done such thing. Like Susan says “may the truth saves us all”, but I would like to alter Star Wars’ famous quotation “may the force be with truth”. Heheh.

Bloggers, who writes, openly, may get dooced. There’s a probability that you’ll get sued as well. Like Rocky’s Bru and Jeff Oii, although they are the bloggers who writes professionally (and respectfully). I hope that those who are on the right side may win pilihanraya kecil Ijok.

My webstats skyrocketed!

Bismillah. I do not expect to get such attention from people. This morning, I check my blog’s traffic as usual, something weird happened. Usually the range of visitor is from 42-15 per day, but this morning, I was so shocked to see the skyrocketed graph, that says my blog received 609 visitors on 26th April 2007, after 9 hours I posted “I do have something to say on pilihanraya kecil Ijok”. Gosh. Malaysian do care about politic actually. See the pix. Click to enlarge.

wah!! amek kau! kalau berniaga ni mau untung berjuta (material2…)

skyrocketed graph

master yg gle kuasa

Mogok+New Year

Assalamualaikum all. Last night I was quite pissed off and clueless as Blogspot has suddenly do maintainance. The funny thing is, the language that they use to describe their activity.
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Look at the language. ‘Brief’ is always be a joke. Just say

  1. Blogger is currently under scheduled maintainance.
  2. Blogger is currently unavailable due to maintainance.
  3. or Blogger is under maintainance.

Simple innit? Brief maintainance? I was waiting hours man! OK. Maybe I’m just pissed off because I can’t access to other blogspot’s blogs. Astaghfirullah~ Huhuh.

So basically, it’s new year for Muslims. Alhamdulillah. Being able to see 1428 and blessed in Islam. Thank you Allah for giving me chances.

So, basically, I managed to find a blog which provides the prayer, which supposed to be read in between asr and maghrib (sunset and dawn). To those who lives in GMT +1 to +8, you still have time to print and read it! (Budak2 US, Ohio, Canada, etc). Here’s the copy of the prayer.

PS: Thanks to pakcik neomick. May Allah rewards you.

My resolutions:
(Err…I’ll keep it to myself then. Between me and Allah 😉